Ughhhhh, I can't ever remember!


Beginning Reader Lesson


Kari Cleveland



            To become successful, independent readers, students must first understand phonemes.  Vowel sounds are very important when first learning letter sounds. This lesson is designed help students recognize words with the correspondence u=/u/.



Book: Bud the Sub


Dry erase board and markers

List of words: sub, bud, tub, mud, tuck, cup, up, pup (words without u to throw in- mad, bed, dog, sad, lot)

Tongue Twister: "The unusual man was under the ugly umbrella."




1. Introduce the u=/u/ correspondence and how to hear it in spoken words.  Today we are going to learn about the letter u.  Everyone put your finger on your chin and make a sound like your thinking about something.  Everyone say "uhhhhhhh."  I want someone to tell me what your mouth does when you make that sound.  Good job! Your mouth opens and your tongue stays still.  Let's all say it together. Now I am going to say some words and you tell me which ones have the letter u in them.


2.  Does everyone know what a u looks like? I will draw one on the board. Now I am going to write some of the words we listened to earlier that had u in them and some of them that didn't, and I want us to find the u's as a class. Each student should have at least one chance to point out the u or say no u.


3.  I will write a tongue twister on the board. "The unusual man was under the ugly umbrella." Who has heard of a tongue twister? Well, I am going to say one to you all and then we are going to say it together. This will help us practice the u sound.  After we have said the tongue twister a few times, I will have them listen to me and clap when they hear a word with u in it. Then we will practice the tongue twister a few more times.


4.  I will pass out student copies to Bud the Sub. The students will sit in groups and will be required to each read at least one page of the book until they have read the entire book.


5.  After reading the book, the students will have had more opportunities seeing the word, and we will practice writing the letter u.  I will write it on the board. I will have drawn a line that looks like their primary paper.  I will write on the board and they will write on their paper.  They will write the letter several times.



After writing the letter sever times, I will call out words and the students will be encouraged to use invented spelling and write what they hear. They will be asked to underline the letter u that they hear in the word.




Educational Insights. Bud the Sub. 1990


Lauren Faucett: U-u-under the U-u-umberella


Adriane Hardin: Uhhhh...I can't remember the sound U makes

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