Research-Based Lessons From Preservice Teachers

Auburn University

Spring 2014


I. Emergent Literacy


Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Melissa Harris, Pop! Goes the Popcorn

Sarah Esser, Wendy Wanted to Walk the Worm

Hillary Goins, H, H, Harry Hare Hopping Out of Breath

Katie Rice, Bouncing the Ball with B  

Courtney Bass, Ssssssilly Snake

Caitlin Lewis, Baby's Bear's Beating Heart

Amber Dudley, Hey, Diddle Diddle, Learning the Letter D and the Fiddle

Mary Catherine Smith, Billy Bounced the Ball

Lauren Carter, SSSS... The Sneaky Snake
Grace Christian, Cry Like a Baby with A
Marquet Core, Mom Makes Marvelous Soup
Hope Roberts, Mmmm Yummy!
Audrey Leach, H-h-op to it, and Run!
Holland Brown, Slithery Snake S

Mary Hope McGehee, Growling with R

Kaleigh Nattress, The Ps of Popping Corn

Lindsey Smith, Ticking Tock T Time!
Laney Walding, Picking Pretty Poppies for Mrs. P
Mallory Blankenship, Muffin Man

Kate Clarke, Samantha the Sassy Snake
Carly Woods, Crying Like "A" Baby
Meredith Lamberth, Benny Brown Bear

Lauren Tolleson, "Go Uh, Uh, Uh" with Uncle U

Emily Mitchell, The Bobbing Boat


II. Beginning Reading


Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Caitlin Lewis, A Sticky, Icky Pig
Sarah Esser, Uhhh, I Don't Know!
Mary Catherine Smith, Ricky Is Icky Inside the Chilly Igloo
Katie Rice, Allie Says "Aaaa"
Marquet Core, Lizzie the Lizard
Hope Roberts, Aaaaa, Cries the Baby

Audrey Leach, Annie the Ant

Mary Hope McGehee, "UHHH??" Said the Caveman
Laney Walding, Crying with the Baby, Aaaaa!
Mallory Blankenship, Tin Man Fix It
Kate Clarke, Say AHHHHH!
Meredith Lamberth, The 'Ahhhhhhh'-ha Moment
Lauren Tolleson, "Ehhh" Goes the Squeaky Door

Lindsey Smith, Emma the Elephant!
Emily Mitchell, Sickly Sid

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Amber Dudley, Greeting With /A/

Lauren Carter, Aye, Aye Mate
Hillary Goins, Let's Bake a Cake
Grace Christian, Make a Stinky Face with u_e!
Holland Brown, Selfish Sam Says I
Carly Woods, Ayyyyye Mate

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Melissa Harris, SHHHH! The Baby's Sleeping
Kaleigh Nattress, "SHHH"arks



III. Growing Independence & Fluency


Lessons for teaching faster reading with automatic word recognition

Caitlin Lewis, Gimmie the Gifts!
Amber Dudley, Fluently Reading With Monsters

Melissa Harris, Reading Racers!
Katie Rice, Blasting Into Space with Reading
Lauren Carter, Fluency Fun With Junie B. Jones

Hillary Goins, Read Fluently with Amelia Bedelia and Me!

Grace Christian, Climbing the Beanstalk with Jack!

Marquet Core, Finally Fluent

Hope Roberts, Monkey Around With Fluency

Audrey Leach, Ready, Get Set, and Go Read!

Holland Brown, Go, Reading With Fluency, Go!
Mary Hope McGehee, Reading is Our Expertise!

Kaleigh Nattress, The Race for Reading
Lindsey Smith, Smooth Sailing to Fluency!
Laney Walding, Soaring to Fluency
Mallory Blankenship, Fluent as a Fly
Kate Clarke, Ready, Set, READ!
Carly Woods, Flying Fluently Into Space
Lauren Tolleson, Leaping into the Wonderful World of Fluency
Emily Mitchell, The Fluency Fox

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Mary Catherine Smith, Fine, Fine Expression
Sarah Esser, Reading with Expression is Fun!
Meredith Lamberth, Frog and Toad Read Fluently


IV. Reading to Learn


Lessons for teaching vocabulary
Katie Rice, Valuable Vocabulary


Lessons for teaching summarization

Lauren Carter​, Flying Through Summarization
Hillary Goins, Ready, Set, Summarize!
Grace Christian, Superb Summarization
Amber Dudley, Summarizing About Animals
Marquet Core, Fun with Summaries
Hope Roberts, Boil It Down to Sum It Up

Audrey Leach, Step Up and Summarize!
Holland Brown, Don't Sweat about Summarizing!

Sarah Esser, Summing It Up!
Mary Hope McGehee, Rockin' Summarizers!

Kaleigh Nattress, Ready, Set, Summarize!

Lindsey Smith, The Big Idea!
Laney Walding, Super Sweet Summarizers

Mallory Blankenship, Summarizing Smarts

Melissa Harris, Super Summarizations with Science!

Kate Clarke, Super Summarizers
Carly Woods, Summing Up the Buzz

Meredith Lamberth, Summarization Sensation

Lauren Tolleson, Summarizing Superstars
Caitlin Lewis, Tools for Summarization
Emily Mitchell, Saving the Summary


Lessons for teaching visualization
Mary Catherine Smith, Imagine, Comprehend, Remember