"The ChooChoo Train"


"Beginning To Read"

By: Misti Willoughby

Rationale: As teachers of reading, it is our goal to teach our students to be accurate readers. To do this we must teach them a number of frequently seen correspondences. In this lesson the children will review the diagraph /ch/. Knowledge of these phonemes is crucial for successful reading. The purpose of this lesson is to teach children how to identify the correspondence /ch/ in written and spoken words. This lesson will be designed to accompany 5 to 6 children. 

Elkonian boxes for groups of 2 students
* Cut out letters for each pair of students
* Letterbox worksheet with words that contain the /ch/ phoneme
* Pencils
* Dry erase board
* Corresponding book

1. Begin by reviewing the /ch/ diagraph. Have students think of words that have the /ch/ in them. As they recall words with this correspondence write them on the board. If teacher needs to help, get them started by using the word "chain".
2. Discuss the /ch/ phoneme. Tell students there is one way to make the /ch/ sound. Have students brainstorm words that have the /ch/ sound in them and write them on the board.
3. Underline the graphemes in each of the words that create the /ch/ phoneme.
4. Write the sentence on the board. "The ChooChoo Train went choochooing down the choochoo track." Say it together as a class (make sure to emphasize the /ch/ sound in each of the words). Have children raise their hands and say how many times they hear the /ch/ phoneme. Teacher will write the correct answer on the board and underline all of the /ch/ phoneme words in the sentence.
5. Explain that the /ch/ phoneme is combined with c and h to make the /ch/ sound. Have students repeat the sentence over and over until they become faster and faster at it which will be a fun way for them to say the /ch/ sound.
6. Draw Elkonian boxes on the board and do a  letterbox lesson with the students. Explain to the group that you will be doing a lesson with them including words with the /ch/ phoneme.
a. Have students pull out their letters and letterboxes. Have them get out the desired letters for the lesson including /ch/ and use the lowercase side.
b. Ask students if 2 letters work together·..to make 1 sound do they go into 1 or 2 boxes? Allow students to respond. Make sure all students respond correctly. Do an example word·..choochoo. Demonstrate by putting ch in 1 box, and oo in 1 box. The word has 2 phonemes because it has 2 phonemes that make up the word. Does everyone understand?
c. In pairs have students work together with the letterboxes to spell out the words in the word list below. Make sure to give a sentence with each word. Have the students spell each word, and then call out a pair to tell which letter/letters go in each box and the teacher writes it on the board.
Review words:
choochoo, chug,
? chump
? chunk
? chest
? brunch

Make sure they add the correct number of letterboxes!

Assessment: Have students fill in a letterbox worksheet. As you call out the words use a sentence.
1. chug-3
2. chunk-3
3. chump-3
4. chum-3
5. chest-4
6. brunch-5

Have students read a book that contains the /ch/ phoneme with a partner. Ask students, how do we buddy read? Circulate around the room to listen to different children read. Make a list of words with the /ch/ phoneme in the story and have them turn them in.

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