Beginning Reading
Beat the Heat
Alyssa Williams

Rationale: A child must learn to decode many different correspondences.  In this lesson, children will learn the correspondence ea=/E/.  Students will learn to associate ea with the long e sound, after seeing it in written text and listening for the sound /E/ that it makes.  Teaching all the correspondences to children will help them in becoming more fluent.

Materials:A Day at the Beach poem by Alyssa Williams, ice cream cone and ice cream scoop template, laminated copies of ice cream cones and scoops with words and correspondence, manila envelopes (one for each child)

Procedure: Ok kids, today we are going to learn a new correspondence. Can anyone tell me what the two letters "ea" sound like when they are put amongst consonants? You are right; they make a long e sound. The "ea" together says EEEE (its name). Can everyone practice saying the long e sound with me please? That was great!

Now I want to read you all a poem called A Day at the Beach. Try to listen for the long e sound in words. (Elongate words with the ea=/E/ correspondence so children can start to relate the sound with the letters.)

(After the poem has been read, write a few words with the long e sound on the board. Use eat, neat, team, teach, and beach. Then show the children that they may come across words with "ea", but they sound differently because of another letter in the word. For example, seal, near, and bear are all exceptions to the rule.) Kids, I know that some words may be tricky, but you will start to remember which words have the long e after much repetition.

Ok, now we are going to practice recognizing words with long e. I am going to pass out manila envelopes to everyone and inside each will be paper ice cream cones and scoops of ice cream. On each of the scoops will be a word with the letters "ea". On the actual cones will be "ea=/E/". I want you to find words that have the long e sound and match the scoops with the cones. Some words have been thrown in there to trick you, so be careful.

(Pass out all the envelopes to the children and walk around the room to make sure they are matching the right scoops to cones.)

(Besides going around the room and checking cones, have children take turns calling out words that they have found with the long e sound. Have children raise their hands to give answers and write the correct answers on the board. Go over any incorrect answers and explain why they are exceptions. For example, "near" is an r controlled word, so the "ea" makes a different sound.


A Day at the Beach

I went to the beach
to eat a peach.
And while I was there,
I took a seat.
I saw a fish leap
and a shell that was neat.
I wanted a cool treat
because of the heat,
so I got some ice cream
and the heat I did beat!

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