Reading With Speed

Emily Tyler


 Rationale:  At this stage in reading, students are able to decode words and certain books, but they still cannot read in a fluent manner. In order to be a skillful reader, one must be able to read fluently.  Fluent reading consists of reading smoothly, quickly and with emotion.  Fluency includes the ability to decode words automatically and effortlessly. In order to improve fluency, teachers can have students do one-minute-reads In order to comprehend a text; a reader must be able to read fast enough to hold all of the words in short-term memory by the end of the sentence.  It is very important for word-by-word readers to transform into fluent readers, so they reach the goal of reading instruction: reading comprehension. 



Fluency Checklist-for each student (see below) (

Speed Record Sheet-for each student


Fluency sheets for each student (see end of lesson) 



Class sets of „Bud the Subš and „Fuzz and the Buzzš



1.  The lesson will begin with the instructor reading a sentence slow and choppy like a non-fluent reader would.  You will then discuss that a reader who reads like this is not a fluent reader.  The instructor will then discuss that the class will do an exercise so that all of the students can become fluent readers. 

2.  The instructor will then pair off the students.  They will each be given a sentence and a stopwatch.  The students will time their peers for how long it takes them to read the sentence.  Each student will read their sentence three times.  The students will be able to see how their time improves.  They will see how they become for fluent when reading. 

3.  The students will then perform another activity similar to the sentence reading activity.  They will be told that in this activity they will not only try to read faster each read, but they will try to improve remembering words each read, by reading smoother and by reading with expression.  The students will be asked to read a book „Bud the Subš and Fuzz and the Buzzš.  The students will read their book three times.  Their partner will record the progress they notice by filling out a fluency checklist (see at bottom of page).  The students will turn this checklist in after performing the task.

4.  The assessment will be conducted by how the times improved and how the students improved according to the fluency checklist.  The students will also discuss the comprehension of the text with their partners.


Speed Record Sheet

Name___________                             Date____________






Fluency Checklist


After 2nd

After 3rd

Remembered More Words



Read Faster



Read Smoother



Read With Expression





Beno, Lauren.  How Fast Can You Go.


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