Disney's Magical Letters
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Margo Sexton

Rationle-This lesson is designed to help beginning readers distinguish between letters that are easily mixed up.  Such as m and n, b and d.  There is a strong correlation between letter recognition and reading fluency.  In order to advance a reader towards fluent reading letter recognition must get to a point of automatic recognition.  This lesson is designed to help kids who are struggling with some similar looking letters.

~Book-Mickey and all his friends
~Clip Boards
~Cards with the letters of the alphabet
~Pictures of Disney charcters beginning with M and N
Example-Minnie Mouse,Mickey, Nala, Nemo
~Primary paper

1.Who knows the alphabet song?  Great now once we have learned all those letters we have to practice learning how to use them. Once we know our letters we get to use them in all sort of special ways to make letters.  Lets all share what letter our name starts with.  Great I bet there are many words we could make from those letters.  But today we are going to focus on a few letters.  M.N.
2.Just to get their minds rolling I will flash cards with alphabet letters on them.  Mainly the ones were are going to be practicing in the lesson but others too.

3.Today we are first going to practice with the fun letters M and N. Okay great now lets use that in our tongue twister to start-Mmmmickey Mmmmouse Mmmmakes Minnies Mmmmansion  Nnnice and Nnnneat.  Great job everyone, it is fun to practice tongue twisters! .  Good lets all the tongue twister with our gestures now. To make the m sound we will have a hand gesture rubbing your tummy.  Just like when you taste something uyummy! Mmmmm.  For the N sound we are going to be pushing a throttle down on a boat.  You know the sound the boat makes speeding up from the throttle being pushed, Nnnnnn all the way through the water. Ready rubbing your Belly for Mmmma and pushing the throttle down on the boat for Nnnn.  
Ready lets go ~ Mmmmickey Mmmmouse Mmmmakes Minnies Mmmmansion  Nnnice and Nnnneat
Great Job that was lots of fun with our noises and gestures!

4.Great now we are going to look at some pictures and tell me if they start with the M sound or the N sound.  Remember you can always use your gestures sounds to help figure it out!
Ex;Minnie Mouse, Mickey, Nemo, Nala

5.Pass out clip boards, pencils and primary paper to each student.  Great now that we are good at listening for the M and N sound lets practice writing them.  First we are going to practice with upper case letters. I will show an upper case M.  Then we will talk about how we make the M. I will tell the children to begin with their pencil on the ground and go straight up to the sky. Then down the mountain to the fence and back up the mountain from the fence to the sky and then finally straight down again from the sky to the ground. Then we will make the capital letter N.  I will show an example and then they will practice by beginning at the ground, going straight up to the sky, then down the mountain to the ground and straight back up from the ground to the sky. Then we will make the lower case letters beginning with n. First make a straight line down from the fence to the ground and then make a hump from our straight line down to the ground. Now to make an m we make an n and then add another hump.

6.Then once we have practiced writing we will read the book Mickey and friends.  I will tell my friends that when we hear the M and N sounds we are welcome to sound them out and make our gestures. Rembering the M is rubbing our tummy and N is putting the throttle down on the boat. In the book Mickey and his friends plan an adventure out to the zoo.  They experience all sorts of things packing their bags for the zoo, watching the animals and then traveling home.  When we are reading

1.    I will look at the students writing an make sure there letters were written as we practiced, and that they understand the steps and lingo to making the letter
2.    I will hold up the cards with the Disney charcters beginning with M and N and have them Write the letter that corrseonds with the charcter in their best hand writing.
Book-Mickey and all his friends. White, Al. 2006 Dalmation Press, Inc.

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