Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Yum!


Liz Hooper

Emergent Literacy


Rationale: In order for children to read efficiently is it important for them to be aware of the letter-to-sound relationship. This lesson will help children identify /m/. The phoneme /m/ and the letter m  will be taught along with identifying /m/ in words. I want the students to be able to identify m in written forms as well as be able to identify objects that begin with letter m.



  1. primary paper
  2. poster with Mmmm Mmmmm yum at the top with pictures underneath
    1. pictures of a moose, mat, dog, mountain, muffin, computer, gum, m&ms, and a flower
  3. If you Give a Moose a Muffin by: Laura Numeroff. Harper Collins 1991.



  1. Ask the students:  “Have you ever heard someone say /m/ after they tasted good food?  Let’s do this together, say /m/.  This time I want you to rub your stomach, like the food was good and say /m/.  Great job!  We are going to hear words that have the /m/ sound and then we are going to practice writing them so every time we come across a word and it has the /m/ sound I want to do the hand motion each time.” (remember to stretch out the /m/)

 2. Ok now I want you to say this funny sentence after I do. My mom made mashed potatoes Monday morning. 'Mmmy mmmom mmmade mmmashed potatoes mmmmonday  mmmmmmorning.'  We are going to say the sentence one more time and I want you to break the /m/ off the beginning of the word.  For example, /m/ at.  Alright, now let’s do it again.  '/M/ y /m/ om /m/ akes  /m/ e /m/ ashe /m/ y /m/ & /m/’s.' "

3. I have some pictures that I am going to say the word and I want you to see if you can hear any that have the /m/ sound. When you hear that sound I want you to say the word back to me and make the /m/  sound and rub your tummy like you just ate something tasty. (show pictures on poster).

4.  Now get the students to get out their primary paper and pencil.  "We can use the letter m to spell /m/.  I want us to write this together.  Start at the fence, go straight down to the dirt, then go back up that straight line and near the top of your line go out and touch the fence and make a little hill, go down to the dirt and then make another little hill just like you did before.  Raise your hand when you are done and I will check it.  After I check it I want you to write 8 more just like it.  Now you will know how to write the letter m, when you hear the /m/ in a word."

5.  "Let me show me how to find the /m/ sound in the word perform.  Stretch out the word pppeeerrrffooorrrrmmmmm.  Do you hear the sound /m/ in perform like mmm yummm." Ask the students questions about which words have the /m/ in spoken words.  I am going to read you two words and I want you to tell me which words have the /m/ sound in it.  For example, do you hear /m/ in mat or stairStand or move? Man or lady? Yours or mine?  

6.   Read the story If You Give a Moose a Muffin By: Laura Joffe Numeroff and discuss the story with the children. Book talk:  Do you know what a moose likes to eat? Well this moose loves muffins! But, if you give him a muffin, he becomes very picky and wants more and more things. I wonder what kinds of other things this moose that loves muffins is going to want. Let’s see!

 7.    For assessment, I will pass out pictures of things that have the m sound and some that do not. They will need to correctly identify the ones that do and say the word out loud to the teacher or a partner. Then the students will be given paper and will be instructed to draw a picture of something that starts with the letter m  and then write the letter somewhere on the page.


 If You Give A Moose A Muffin by; Laura Numeroff. New York, NY. 1991