The Bu”zzz”ing Bee
Emergent Literacy
Rachael Elliott


Rationale: Students needs to relate the movement of their mouths to the correct correspondence. This lesson focuses on the z=/z/ correspondent by relating it to the buzzing sound of a bee. Students will demonstrate phonemic awareness of the letter z, as well as make the symbol z.


Materials: Primary Paper, Pencil, A Bee (a bee made out of pom-pom balls), Chart with Tongue Twister (Zeus zipped his zipper in a zap.), picture page with z words (zip, zebra, zero, zoo, zoom, whale, coat, bug, ship, jump), chart with words to “zip-a-dee-doo-dah”


Bee Instructions: Find a little pom-pom ball (any color) and glue tiny eyes on the top. Cut an ¸ inch of pipe cleaner off and stick one to each sides for wings.



1.      Introduce the lesson by explaining that for each letter your mouth makes a different movement. For this lesson, concentrate on the “zzzz” sound and mouth movement.

2.      “Have you ever been outside in the summer and hear a bumblebee zoom by? You hear the “zzzz” sound as the bee passes you. That /z/ is the sound that the letter z makes. We will be talking about the letter z and the “zzzz” sound that it makes. Can you make the bumblebee sound?”

3.      “We are going to buzz our bumblebees by reciting a tongue twister.” The tongue twister Zeus zipped his zipper in a zap will be on a chart. “Now, let’s repeat the tongue twister three times to make sure that we know it. Let’s say it one more time and stretch out the “zzzz” sounds. Zzzeus zzzipped his zzzipper in a zzzap. Good job. Now let’s separate the “zzzz”. /Z/eus /z/ipped his /z/ipper in a /z/ap. Awesome!

4.      On the students’ primary paper they will practice making the z symbol to represent “zzzz”. “Okay, let’s make a seven starting at the rooftop and then sliding to the sidewalk and then make a line back. Let’s practice that a few times.”

5.      “Now I am going to show you how to find /z/ in the word zap. We are going to stretch the word out. Zzzzaaaappp. Do you hear it? Let’s do it all together.

6.      “As I sing the song Zip and Zoom, I want you to buzz your bees.


Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay, I like to zoom-zoom around all day! I am a race car zooming this way. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay! (The melody is the same as Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, the regular version)


Now let’s buzz our bees as we sing the song together.


Assessment: “Everyone look at the pictures on our page. Can you buzz your bee on any of the pictures? Circle the ones that you can buzz your bee.