Oh Look, You're Fluent!
child readig a book

Growing Independency and Fluency
Trinity L. Dyess



For a student to become a reader who reads automatically and effortlessly, the student must become a fluent reader.  Reading fluency is the ability of the student to read or recognize words automatically, rapidly, and accurately.  Fluent readers read smoothly, with expression, and quickly.  In this lesson, I will help my students to become more fluent by using repeated readings to help them improve their speed which in turn will help them with their fluency. (They will be reading and rereading decodable words to help them accomplish fluency so that they will enjoy reading!)    


Cover-up sticks (one per student)   {Ex. Popsicle stick!  Mine is decorated with eyes and painted a different color!}
The Barn Party by Geri Murray (one copy per student)
Stop Watches (one per two students)
Repeated Reading Checklist (one per student)
Teacher Chart



While the groups start to finish up, I will have individual assessments going on.  Each student will come and do a one minute read with me.  This will be monitored by keeping track of any miscues and the time spent.  I will keep a chart of their progress on all of their one minute reads.  This will allow both myself and them to see their progress towards reading fluently. 


Geri Murray, the Barn Party http://www.auburn.edu/~murrag1/bookindex.html

Ivy Hopkins, Spooky Fluency http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/persp/hopkinsgf.html

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