‰¥þRun Away With Fluency‰¥ÿ
Whitney Wingo


It is important for children to improve the fluency in order to become good readers. Fluent readers recognize words automatically. A fluent reader can read with expression and the words flow well together. This lesson is to help students become more fluent readers. They will do this through timed one-minute reads.  
Chart Paper- ‰¥þSit on the floor‰¥ÿ
Book- The Runaway Bunny
Stopwatch for partners
1. Explain to students the importance of reading fluently, and what it is. Give examples, by reading aloud to the class what a non-fluent reader reads like, and what a fluent reader reads like. Ex. ‰¥þS‰¥Ïs.i.t onn the ff‰¥Ïlloorrr‰¥ÿ (read slowly and choppy= non-fluent reader). ‰¥þSit of the floor!‰¥ÿ (read smoothly and with expression= fluent reader). Explain to the students that the more often they read, that they will begin to recognize words more automatically. They can reread the sentence to help them improve fluency in their reading.
2. The teacher will introduce the book The Runaway Bunny through a book talk. ‰¥þThere was a little bunny who wanted to run away from his mother. His mother wouldn‰¥út let this happen because she said she would run after him. So little bunny said if she did then he would turn into a fish. Mother bunny said, ‰¥þIf you become a fish in a trout stream‰¥ÏI will become a fisherman and I will fish for you.‰¥ÿ Bunny threatens to turn into many more things, and his mother won‰¥út give up. Will bunny ever run away? What will he turn into next? Help me read to find out.‰¥ÿ
3. The teacher will pair the students up and let one student read the book first, while the other one listens. Then their partner will read the book back to them.
4. Now the partners can take turns and use the stop watch to time one another while reading the book. They can only read the book for one minute, and the partner who is timing the reading, will keep count of how many words the reader is reading correctly. They will be able to reread like this three times trying to read more fluently each time.
5. The students will be asked to hand in the recordings of their reading at the end of this time period.
6. The assessment will be done by checking the student䴜s fluency papers that they have recorded. There should be an increase in fluency and the words read correctly.
Brown, Margaret W. The Runaway Bunny. Harper Collins Publishers, 1942.

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