"Ca...Ca...Ca...Caterpillar Blending"

Emergent Literacy (Blending)

Brittany Smith



The goal of this lesson is to improve students' blending skills.  Blending is important in emergent literacy because students need to know how to produce many individual short utterances and mouth moves (phonemes) into one long utterance (words).  Students will create their own blending caterpillar.



(Advance preparation) Draw a picture of a caterpillar with three circular body parts. (Be sure to give the caterpillar features).  Photo copy the picture (one for each student).  Next, create an alphabet table (Microsoft word is good for this) with all 26 lower case letters, make a copy one for each student.  Laminate tables and caterpillars and cut out the alphabet squares.  Each body part of the caterpillar and each letter back should have a Velcro dot. 





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