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Heather Millington


When beginning to teach children how to read, vowels are the best letters to begin with.
Phoneme awareness of a letter can be presented to a student easily through pictures, hand gestures, tongue twisters, and sounding it out with your mouth, and in this lesson focuses the letter i will be represented through a picture of an i. Focusing on the vowels in the beginning stage of reading will hopefully lead to successful, fluent readers.


-sound correspondence picture (shaking hand= iiiiiiiiiiiii)

-Slim Tim  by
phonics readers
-primary paper  
-Letterboxes- for words consisting of three phonemes (3 boxes)   
        words: sit, mit, hit, lit, fit 

-Letter Tiles- f, t, i, h, l, s, m
-Picture of an “i�
-Tongue Twister on chart paper- “It lit the mitt and could not sit.

-Assessment Worksheet                                                                                      

    1.Introduce lesson by explaining to students that we are going to talk about the short vowel i=/i/.

    2. Show students picture of i. “This is what an i looks like and this is what i sounds like.
    3. Go over tongue twister- “It lit the mit and could not sit.â€�  “Can you hear the /i/
    4. Letter box lesson will be introduced using words that consist of only three phonemes. The words sit, mit, hit, lit, and fit will be used and the letters f, t, i, h, l, s, and m will be also be used.           
    5. Ask the students to help me first spell the word sit. “What does is the first sound that you hear and which letter matches that sound.â€� Students will find the letter “sâ€� and set it in the first box of their letter boxes. “What is the next sound that you hear?â€�  â€œI hear the iii sound. What letter makes the iii sound?  Find the letter that makes the iii sound and place it on your letter box.â€�                      
    6.Once students have completed this entire word, we will move to the next and to the next
7. Begin book talk with Slim Tim
8. After book talk, students will be asked to write a message to their closet about their favorite article of clothing.

            Hand students a type sheet of paper with lot of words on it. Ask students to circle the words with the corresponding sound /i/.


    Bails, Susan. Slim Tim. Carson, CA. Educational Insights. 1990. 9 pages.


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