"Sun Fun"

Heather Millington


Helping children learn to read is extremely important. Since the emergent level is the earliest stage of reading, beginning to work with children in this stage will help them become more fluent, successful readers. The goal of this lesson plan is to help children hear the sound and recognize the vowel u /u.
-sound correspondence picture (lifting a weight= uuuuuu)
-Sun Fun by phonics readers
-primary paper
-word cards: fun, sun, run, tug bug, but,
-sheet with scrambled words
    1.Introduce the lesson to students by explaining them to them that learning letters and their individual sounds are extremely important. I will introduce the individual letter u and speak the corresponding sound.
    2.I will them rattle off a couple of words that consist of the corresponding sound /u/, such as tut, cut, full, rut, mut, etc. As I am rattling off these words, I will ask the students, “What sound do you hear a lot of?â€� When answers are given, I will show them the picture of the man lifting a weight.
    3.I will explain the sound of the sound that the picture is making and have them each act the picture out personally.
    4.I will give each student a sheet of primary paper and I will assist him or her work on writing the letter, using the fence and sidewalk technique.
    5.Now I will show the student how to find /u/ in sun.  As I stretch out the word suuuuuun, what do you hear? Does it sound like I am lifting a weight?
    6.I will read the student a word and they will tell me witch one has the /a/ sound in the. The words I will use are: any or penny?, sad or  sud?, bad or bed?, dad or dude?, sally or silly?.
    7.Read the book Sun Fun.
    8.Reread the book and have the students raise their hand when they hear a word with the corresponding letter /u/.  
    9.Assessment: Pass out scrambled word sheet and have the students circle the words that consist of the letter u and the have the corresponding sounds /u/.
Bails, Susan. A Cat Nap. Carson, CA. Educational Insights. 1990. 11 pages.

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