Tick Tock /t/

Ashley Boulware

Emergent Literacy


Letter recognition and phonemic awareness are very important in learning to read. During this lesson we will review letter recognition for the letter /t/. I will also introduce the sound of the letter /t/. This will tie in phonemic awareness along with reviewing the letter recognition.  The students will learn not only the sound of /t/ but also the mouth gesture and how to correctly write an upper- and lower-case /t/. My goal is for the students to be able to recognize the sound of t as well as the letter when combined with other letters in the form of a word and also for the students to write both upper- and lower-case letter /t/s correctly.



Primary paper


Poster with upper- and lower-case Tt

Flash cards with pictures that may contain the letter t

Yes and no signs for children

Book: Tiny Turtles by Wendy McLean

Worksheet with words for children to circle the letter t

Tongue twister poster

Dry erase boards and markers

Coloring sheet




1. We will begin the lesson by reviewing what the letter t looks like. I will show the poster of the correct way to write upper- and lower-case t. I will tell them:  For capital T, go down and cross at the top, For lowercase t is just a teenager, not as tall as his daddy, but not short either; cross at the fence.

2. I will have the students write both the upper- and lower-case ts on their paper. I will go around and check off the students who do them correctly then I will have all the children write the letters on their dry erase board and hold it up. 

3. Next I will ask the students what sound t makes. Yes! T makes the sound tttt as in cat and top.

4. I will ask the students what does your mouth do when saying the sound tttt? Great! Your tongue touches the back of your top teeth. Can anyone think of a hand gesture that we can do when we hear the /t/ sound? That will work but lets try moving our finger like a clock: tick tock, tick tock! Great!

5. Ok now lets try a tongue twister! Let䴜s say it together: Tommy tricked Tim and took his train off the track. That was great! Now lets say it slowly and stretch out the /t/ sound: TTTommy tttricked TTTim and tttook his tttrain off the tttrack. Great!

6. I am going to hold up a picture. I will say what the picture is‰¥Ï if you hear the /t/ sound in the name of the picture I want you to hold up the t on your sign. If you do not hear the t I want you to hold up the frowny face on the sign. Ready: dog, cat, train, mat, apple, trick, tear, paper, great, computer, student

7. Now I am going to read a few sentences. Every time you hear the /t/ sound I want you to do the tick tock with your finger. Remember the /t/ sound can be at the beginning, middle, or end of a word. Ok get your fingers ready: Ted the turtle was trained to walk the tight rope by Trevor the turkey. Together Ted and Trevor taught others to walk to tight rope. Ted and Trevor were terrific in their trade. Great job! Your fingers kept busy in those sentences didn䴜t they.

8. For assessment: I am passing out papers with words on them. Every time you see the letter t I want you to circle it. I am so proud of you all for finding all the t䴜s. Now I am going to read the words. If you hear the /t/ sound in the word I want you to highlight the word. Ready: time, must, only, fast, crate, them, tape, turtle, attitude, apple, create, tiger, I am so proud of you; You are finally t-masters.

9. Here is a coloring sheet that has the upper and lower case letter t䴜s on it. You can color it using your favorite colors while I read the book Tiny Turtles!



The Reading Genie



Erin Cooper,

Timmy the Turtle Goes Tick Tock


Letter T