"Picture This"

Reading to Learn

Taylor Swann

Rationale: In order to read to learn, children have to be able to comprehend what they are reading. One strategy that helps students comprehend what they are reading is to visualize the stories that they are reading.  This lesson will teach children how to visual what they are reading in order to better comprehend.


Poem- I Grew a Foot This Summer by Ken Nesbitt (http://www.poetry4kids.com/poem-531.html)

Copy of poem for each student: Gordon's Garden by Ken Nesbitt (http://www.poetry4kids.com/poem-529.html)

Copy Paper



Copy of Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne for each student (Random House Publishing 1993)

Assessment Chart:  
      Did the student pay attention to detail?            Yes      No

               Does the drawing accurately describe Ch. 1?   Yes       No

               Does the student comprehend the text?             Yes     No



1.      Good Morning boys and girls! Today's lesson is going to be about visualizing. Does anyone know what visualize means?  That is right! Visualizing is when you think of a picture with you head. I know I visualize a lot of times during the day. Can you tell me some of the ways you visualize? Those are great ways!


 I am going to show you how to visualize.  Write the poem I Grew a Foot This Summer on the board. Read it aloud and then say to the children: When I read this poem I pictured a boy who was really short and had three feet. While you tell them what you visualized, also draw it on the board so they can see the process. 


2.     I will review silent reading next.  This will help the students recognize that they can use visualization when they read silently to themselves. Can anyone tell me what silent reading is? That's right. We use silent reading when we do not want to bother our friends who are also reading. We can use visualization when we read silently to ourselves.


3.     Put the poem up on a smart board, or projector for the students to read. I want you to read this poem silently. When you are done reading I want you to draw a picture using your paper, pencils, and crayons. You can even add some sentences to help explain your picture if you would like. When they are done drawing allow them to share their drawings and sentences with the class.


4.     Great Job visualizing boys and girls! Now that you have mastered visualization of this poem we are going to practice some more by reading the book The Magic Tree House: Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne. In this book Jack and Annie go to Ancient Egypt to help Queen Hutepi find a book she has misplaced .It tells a lot about the different items they find in Egypt. To find out more about their adventures I want you read chapter one. It is also important to tell the children to make sure they do not visualize at the same time they are reading. Make sure they read a few paragraphs and then visualize what they have read. You need to draw pictures of your visualizations just like we did for Gordon's Garden.


Assessment: I will assess the students on their drawings and sentences when they share with the class, as well as the drawings they turn in after reading chapter one.


Poems: I Grew a Foot This Summer- http://www.poetry4kids.com/poem-531.html

              Gordon's Garden- http://www.poetry4kids.com/poem-529.html

Osborne, Mary Pope. Mummies in the Morning. Random House Publishing, 1993. Toronto Canada

Ivey, Danielle. Can you Picture It? http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/sightings/iveyrl.html


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