"Doctor O"

Beginning Reading

Taylor Swann

Rationale: Beginning readers need to be aware of the different phonemes in words, and also the sounds that those phonemes make. Vowels have proven to be tough for children to recognize because they can sound more than one way. This lesson is geared toward the short vowel o. This lesson will teach children how to use and recognize short o through letterbox lessons, tongue ticklers and actual reading.


Chart paper with chant (Oscar had an operation in October)


A Frog in the Bog- Karma Wilson; Aladdin Paperbacks; New York NY, 2003

Doc in the Fog- Shelia Cushman; Educational Insights, Carson CA, 1990 (enough for each student.

Lowercase letter box letters for each student (f, o, g, d, t, h, p, l, s (2), c, r, n)

Letterboxes for each student

Short O worksheet


1.     We all know that each letter of the alphabet is very special, and that each letter has its own sound. Today we are going to learn about the letter O and how our mouth moves when we say it.

2.     When you go to the doctor for a check-up does he make you stick out your tongue? What does he make you say when you stick it out? Can we all act like we are at the doctor and make the /o/ sound? This is the sound that letter O makes.

3.     Let's try a tongue tickler together. Listen as I say it out loud to you (point to each word as you say it) Oscar had an operation in October. I heard a couple of doctor O's in there. Let's say it together and make our Doctor O motion each time we hear it. Awesome! This time we are going to stretch each doctor O out. Remember out doctor motion--here we go OOOscar had an oooperation in OOOctober. Great Job Guys!

4.     Now we are going to practice hearing "doctor O" in different words. I'm going to say two words and you are going to tell me which one has the "doctor O". If I said do you hear /o/ in dog or cat the answer would be DOG, because we hear the "doctor O" sound.

5.     You try some this time. Do you hear "doctor O" in: Stick or Log? Fog or Mist? Drop or Pick? Cold or Hot? Broom or Mop?

6.     Can everybody get out their letterboxes and the letters I set out for you? We are going to practice spelling and reading some different words. I am going to show you how to do this. I am going to lay out five letterboxes for all of the sounds in my word. When I say frost I hear our "doctor O" sound right in the middle. I also hear the sounds /f/, /r/, /o/, /s/, /t/. Since I hear the /f/ sound first it goes in my first box. The /r/ sound comes next so it goes in the second box. Next I hear my "doctor O" sound so I put it in the third box. I hear the /s/ sound next. That means it goes in my fourth box. Finally I hear the /t/ sound and I put it in my last box. Let's sound out this word together.

7.     Now it is your turn to use your letterboxes. Let's try it together. Letterbox words: 3 {fog, dot, hop}, 4{lost, Cross}, 5{strong}. ( use same procedure as above)

8.     We are going to read a book together that has the "doctor O" sound in it. Our book is called A Frog in the Bog. Did you hear any "doctor O" sounds in the title? This is a story about a frog that eats and eats and eats. He keeps growing and growing as he eats and eats. Let's read to find out just how big the frog gets.

9.     Now we are going to practice reading some words. I am going to write a word on the board and you are going to help me figure out what the word is. Our first word is: stop. Can we sound that out together? Ssstooop. Great job. Our next word is: cod. Show me how you know what this word is?

10.                        I want everyone to help me read a book. We are going to read this book together and decided if we hear the "doctor O" sound in some of the words. The name of our book is Doc in the Fog. Did you hear "doctor O" in any of those words? This story is about a wizard named doc who can turn a mop into lots of different things. Let's read to find out what all he turns the mop into.

11.                        Finally give the students a short o worksheet where they have to match words like dog, pot, and sock to the corresponding pictures.  While they are working on this call up individual students and do a running record of the student reading Doc in the Fog.


A Frog in the Bog by Karma Wilson; Aladdin Paperbacks, New York NY, 2003

Doc in the Fog by Shelia Cushman; Educational Insights, Carson CA, 1990

Letterbox Materials/ how to's: http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/letbox.html

Short O worksheet: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/alphabet/matchwordsandpix/shorto/

"Open Your Mouth Wide--/ o-o-o/" by Caroline Yow: http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/projects/yowbr.html


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