Oscar the Ostrich loves Olives

Beginning Reading Design

Michaela King


Rationale: When children begin to read, they must have an understanding that each letter has a sound. In gaining a better understanding of graphemes and phonemes, children are able to put those letters and sounds together to recognize written words. In this lesson children will be learning about the letter o and its sound /o/. They will be practicing using this letter in a letter box lesson, reading a decodable book, and other significant and unforgettable illustrations.


-Six squares for letterbox lesson(Each student should have six squares)

-Picture of the letter O

-Picture of ostrich with tongue tickler, ���Oscar the Ostrich loves Olives���

-Letter tiles; L,O,C,K,S,B,T,F,RG,P,N (Each student should have these letters)

-The book, Doc in the Fog ( Each students needs a copy)

-Match pictures with words-short o (Enchanted Learning http://www.enchantedlearning.com/alphabet/matchwordssandpix/shorto)

-Phoneme awareness list. Lock/Land, Top/Tap, Frog/Free, Clot/Click



1.Introduce the letter o. ���I���m going to make a sound and I want you all to tell me what letter you think it is. Great, you���re right, it is the letter o.��� I would then ask them to show me what their mouths were doing when we made that sound.

2.���Everyone say /o/���can you think of anything that may have the /o/ sound?��� Model the position the mouth is in when saying /o/. ���Does Matt or Oscar start with the letter o? Great, today we will be talking a lot about the letter o, and its sound /o/.���

3.I will then show the children a picture of an ostrich with the tongue tickler, ���Oscar the Ostrich loves Olives���. I will say it to them at a regular pace first, and then I will say it slowly to exaggerate the /o/ sound. ���O-o-o-o-scar the O-o-o-o-strich loves O-o-o-o-lives. Say it with me, and hold up your hands and make the letter o when we are saying the /o/ sound. O-o-o-o-scar the O-o-o-o-strich loves O-o-o-o-lives. Great job!���

4.Say: ���Now we are going to work on recognizing the /o/ sound in words. I am going to ask you which word you hear the /o/ sound in and I want you to let me know which one you hear it in. Do you hear /o/ in lock or land���top or tap���.frog or free���.clot or click? Great Job!���

5.Say: ���Since you all did such a great job with recognizing the /o/ sound, we are going to practice spelling some words that have the /o/ sound in them. Everyone get your learning squares, and letters out. Be sure to only put one sound in each box.��� Model strong on the board for everyone to see. Students should be allowed to work individually on spelling out the words. (Words-3-Lock, 4- slob, stock, frog, stop, clot, cross, 5-strong) Be sure to walk around and check on students. Say: ���When you think you have it spelled correctly, raise your hand so that I can come check it���. After going through the word list, write each word on the board and observe whether the students can say each word correctly as a class.

6.After the letterbox lesson let the students know that we will be reading the book, Doc in the Fog. Say: ���This book is about a wiz named Doc. He uses his magic wand to change things, but when he changes a dog into a pot with fog, he may be in for a surprise. We���ll have to read the book to find out what happens���Let���s get in two groups. Each person should read one page. If anyone needs help, raise your hands and I will come over to help you, but don���t be afraid to ask your neighbor to help you.���


Assessment: Pass out the worksheets to the students. Say: ���I want everyone to try and do this activity on your own. I know you can do it!���



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-Enchanted Learning. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/alphabet/matchwordssandpix/shorto)

- Phonics Readers, Book 8-short o. Doc in the Fog.


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