Emergent Literacy Design: Baa. I'm a Sheep

Lyndsey Ford

*Rationale:  Children tend to have problems with confusing the letter "b" with the letter "d". In this lesson children will work on sounding out, recognizing and reading the letter "b." Children will work on this by writing the letter "b" and "d", reading a book which focuses on the letter "b" and sounding it out in different words.

*Materials:  Baa! I'm a Sheep (class set), primary writing paper, pencil, chalkboard, chalk, b pictures, d pictures.

1)  Who likes brownies??  BBBBBrownies.  Who likes doughnuts?? DDDDDdoughnuts. Great!

2) Does everyone hear the difference in b and d? Great.

3) Can everyone feel their lips touch and then your mouth open when you say b?
4)  Okay, let's practice writing our b's. (Model/demonstrate first).

5)  Pass out a picture sheet and have students write a "b" on all the b pictures.

6)  Read the B page from the ABC book.

7)  Read Baa! I'm a Sheep and have them mash the sheep each time they see a "b" word.

The teacher should walk around and check to make sure children are doing their work. The teacher can also assess students while they are discussing which pictures start with b and which pictures do not start with b.

Dr.Seuss, ABC.  New York, Beginner Books.  1963.  63 pages.
Baa! I'm a Sheep


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