Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!

Emergent Literacy

Alison Gray Chamberlin


Rationale: This lesson will help children identify the digraph /ch/.  Students will learn to recognize /ch/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation, a pumping motion with their arm while making the /ch/ sound.  The children will also find /ch/ in words by reading as well as writing.



-Primary paper and pencil for each student

-/ch/ booklet for each student

-Crayons for each student

-Chad Checks: The Sound of Ch by Peg Ballard


Procedures: 1. Say: Today we are going to learn about the sound /ch/.  We spell /ch/ with the letters C and H.  Alone, the letters make two different sounds, but when you put them next to each other they make one sound together.  We are going to learn how to make the sound out loud, and how to write the sound in words.

2. First, let's learn how to say the /ch/ sound.  Everyone bite your teeth together and bring your tongue to the roof of your mouth.  Let's all try it together.  When I think of the sound /ch/, I think of a train.  Why do you think I do that?  Because trains make /ch/ sounds.  Have you ever heard a train go chugga chugga choo choo?  Can you make those sounds with me?  Do you know what the trains drivers do when they blow the loud train horns?  They pump their arms like this.  Can you try that with me?  Now let's add the train noises.

3. Let's try a tongue twister.  First I will say it, and then I want you to try.  "Charlie chose to chew cheese on the beach."  Now let's all say it one more time together, and this time, we're going to stretch the /ch/ sound out in the words.  "Chhharlie chhhose to chhhew chhheese on the beachhh."

4. Now we are going to practice writing ch on our paper in lowercase letters.  Let's start with the letter C, it starts at the fence then curves around to the sidewalk.  Alright, now let's do the letter H, start at the rooftop and draw a straight line all the way down to the sidewalk.  Then, we'll draw a hump to the right that connects to the straight line and goes up to the fence and then back down to the sidewalk.  Great job, now I want you to draw nine more /ch/'s for me.

5. Let's look at a book together.  Every time you hear the /ch/ sound, I want you to move your arms like a train driver.

6. We're going to finish our lesson today with a booklet.  I want you to write the words of the picture on the page in the blanks and color the pictures.  I will assess the student's knowledge by seeing if they write ch correctly for the words on the pages.



-Leach, Lauren. Let's Chug with CH Summer 2009.

-Chad Checks: The Sound of Ch, by Peg Ballard.

-Assessment booklet:


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