Z-i-i-i-i-i-i-pping Through /i/

By Ashley Buckelew


Rationale: Children must be phonemically aware to be able to read successfully, Short vowels are the most important letters for children to know. This lesson will help the students learn the phoneme /i/. In this lesson students will practice /i/ sound by moving their mouths and making faces to make the/i/ sound.


1) ���Tin Man Fix it���

2) Picture of insect with letter


3) Tongue tickler: The important Indian's iguana ate the insect.

4) Picture of the /i/ sound

5) /i/ worksheet


6) List of phoneme identities to test

         Brick or block

         Twist or blend

         Drip or drop

         Clip or cut

7) Primary paper

8) Pencils


1) Start by telling the students that they are going to be learning about the letter i today. Show the students a picture of the insect and ask the children what sound they hear in the beginning of i-i-i-i-insect. That���s right! You hear the sound /i/. What letter makes the sound /i/? That is right, I.

2) Tell the students that when you make the /i/ sound that your mouth is open and your tongue is slightly lowered. Model this then have the class try this together.

3) Show the class the picture of the girl and the stinky dog. Tell them to make an icky face like the girl in the picture. What kind of face would you make if your dog was sprayed by a skunk? It would be i-i-i-icky.

4) Now show the students how to find the /i/ sound in a word. Under the picture of the insect will be a tongue tickler.  ���The important Indian's iguana ate the insect���. Say the tongue tickler once then say it again stretching it out to demonstrate making the icky face. ���The i-i-i-important i-i-i-i-indian���s i-i-i-iguana ate the i-i-i-insect���. Now as the students to say it with you have them make the icky face every time they hear the /i/ sound.

5) Now say two words and have the children tell you which one they hear the /i/ sound in.

Brick or block

Twist or blend

Drip or drop

Clip or cut

6) Now have the children take out their primary paper. Model an example of how to write an i. Go down from the fence, and give him a feather. Now have the students write five perfect i���s.

7) Now read to the students ���Tin Man Fix it.��� Give the students a short book talk first to engage them. ���Tin man is the fix it man. Sid, a big kid bumps into Tim. Bam! Sid knocks him down. Do you think Tim the fix it man can fix tin man? We will have to read to find out.��� Before starting to read remind the students that every time they hear the /i/ sound to make their icky face.

8) Now give the students the worksheet listed above from the website. They will trace the letter i and match the sounds to pictures.

Assessment: I will be able to assess the children from the worksheet.


Cushman, Sheila. ���Tin Man Fix It.��� Educational Insights. Carson, CA:  1990

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