Shhh!  Says Shelley the Fish

By:  Kiera Averett

Beginning Reading


Rationale:  There are many steps in learning to read words.  The first step is vowels and the second step is digraphs.  Digraphs are two letters that represent one sound.  The purpose of this lesson is for children to identify the letter combination sh.  Students will learn to read, spell, and hear words with the /sh/ vocal gesture.  They will learn by practicing the tongue tickler, playing a listening game, participating in the letterbox lesson, and completing a worksheet.



Book:  A Crash in the Shed

SPLASH! Worksheet


Chart paper with tongue tickler and picture(with a fish on it)

Letter squares(d,i,s,h,o,t,p,r,a,b,u)

Primary paper


1.Hello everyone!  Today we are going to learn about digraphs.  Digraphs are two letters that are put together to make one sound.  We will learn about two of these letters.

2.The two letters we are going to learn are s and h.  So when your teacher asks you to be quiet, what does she usually do?  (Can someone show me?)  Good!  She puts one finger on her mouth and says ���Shhh���.  Say that with me, shhh.  Great job!  Now what is your mouth doing when you make the /sh/ sound?  That���s right, your lips poke out and air slips out between your teeth.  It���s like making a fish face.  Everyone try saying /sh/ one more time.  Great!

3.Now we are going to practice saying a tongue tickler.  (Show the chart paper with the tongue tickler and fish:  Shelley the fish makes a wish for shiny sea shells).  Say it with me this time.  Good, now whenever you hear /sh/, I want you to put your finger over your mouth and say shhh.

4.Now we are going to practice writing the letters that make /sh/.  (Have primary paper and pencils out.)  Remember we use two letters to make /sh/.  They are s and h.  (Model).  Now I want you to make four of your best s���s and four of your best h���s.  Now we are going to put these two letters together to make /sh/. (Model).  I want you to practice writing s and h four times.

5.We are going to play a fun listening game with words.  I am going to say some words and I want you to tell me which word you hear /sh/ in.  Do you hear /sh/ in she or me, dish or pan, crash or stop, shoe or sock, shout or yell.

6.Let���s try to spell some words with the /sh/ sound.  Everyone get your letterboxes out.  I want you to make your boxes so that there are three boxes showing.  If I were going to spell the word wish, I would do it like this:  /w/ /i/ /wi/ /wish/���yes wish!  Spell the words as I say them.  Spell the words as I say them.  (3 phoneme words:  dish, shot, ship) Now make four boxes.  (4 phoneme words:  trash, brush).  The  letters needed for each student are (d,i,s,h,o,t,p,r,a,b,u).  (Then I will have index cards with all the words on them.)  Now I want you to read the words on the cards to me.  Very good! 

7. Now, I want you to practice reading this book.  The book is called The Crash in the Shed.  (Give booktalk)  Booktalk:  Jan and Tim are friends.  They did not know whether they wanted to fish or look for shells so they decided to do both.  They walked to the shed to get their supplies and all of a sudden CRASH!  What causes the crash?  What is going to happen next?  In order to find out, you will have to read the book.  I will walk around to monitor the students.


Each student will complete a worksheet by coloring all the words that begin and end with /sh/.  I will assess by checking their /sh/ worksheet.


SPLASH!  Worksheet

A Crash in the Shed-Geri Murray

Leah Impastato-Shhh���Says Sheila the Short Librarian


Shelley Steiner- Shhh��� I see a Fish!



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