Chim Chimney!

Beginning Reading

By: Morgan Warner



The phoneme /ch/ is seen very often in the English Language. It is important students know they must master this awareness in order to become fluent readers, and especially if they like cheese or chipmunks. In terms of the oral sound and the written digraph, the combining letters “C and H” are explored extensively through this lesson, and assessed at the end. Choosing this phoneme will not cheat students of their uncharted potential as new readers.



- Picture of an Eel

- Tongue Twister (“Chuck chooses to chew chocolate chewing gum.”)

- 12 Note Cards (use the marker to write the words chair, rabbit, cat, tech, hat, book, cheese, church, hand, rice, cherry, and pillow on the front for the student to         read.)

- Marker

- Lined paper

- 2 Pencils

- Copy of the “Chim Chimney Song” (#7)

- The Children’s Book “Chika Chika Boom Boom”

- Assessment sheet (used for recording the reading from Chika Chika Boom Boom book and can be formatted to fit the teacher’s stipulations.)



1) Introduction: Introduce the lesson by showing the student a picture of someone sneezing. Explain, “When someone sneezes, they make the same sound that C and H make when they are put together. The “ch” in a word sounds like /ch/.” Then give an overview of the lesson by stating, “We will learn the sound /ch/ by reading words, writing words, and singing.”


2) Explain how to make the ch sound with you mouth. Say, “The /ch/ sound is made when you place your tongue in the roof of your mouth, purse your lips out and open, then blow through your teeth as your tongue falls.” Have them say a few until they all have the hang of it.


3) Give the copy of the tongue twister to the student and read it to him, read it together, and then have him read it on his own. “Chuck chooses to chew chocolate chewing gum.”


4) Have note cards with different words on them, and have the student read the words and see which ones have the /ch/ phoneme. Hold them in your hands and change the cards after he or she reads and decides. Help the student when he or she gets the word incorrect. If the student is a struggling reader, then read the word for the student and they can choose if the word has the /ch/ sound in it or not.


5) Use the lined paper to draw ‘ch’ letters, lowercase, twelve times. Then write both together and say “cccccchhhhhh” after completing each one. With struggling students be sure to write some first and then the child will be able to copy.


6) Assess the student by having them come up to the teacher’s desk during centers time or individual study and have them all read the book Chika Chika Boom Boom. Give a book talk stating, “Chika Chika Boom Boom is all about letters, and sometimes how letters can come to life. Check out what happens in this story.” Check to make sure the /ch/ is made correctly and in the appropriate places. Also note the phonemes each student is dealing with so the next lesson will meet their individual needs. Use a rubric that follows your teaching style and goes along with other classroom assessments on reading.


7) OPTIONAL: Use the song “Chim Chimney” from Marry Poppins for extra practice at any point during the lesson.



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