On Your Mark, Get Set…READ!!

Growing Independent and Fluency

by Brittney Nobles



The purpose of this lesson is to help students develop reading fluency and expression. In order for students to grow in their reading comprehension it is important for them to improve their fluency and expression. This lesson will have students read a decodable text and partner up for buddy reading in order for them to improve speed and develop a better understanding of their readings.



White board, White board markers, Book: Henry and Mudge: The First Book by Cynthia Rylant, Timer for each pair of students, Reading Time sheet for each student.


Reading Time Sheet


Name: _____________________            Date: _________________



 After 1st read: _________

 After 2nd read: _________

             After 3rd read: _________




            1. First, I will question students about what fluency means. "Does anyone know what fluency means?" Allow time for responses. "Fluency is the ability to read text fast and smoothly at the same time. We want to become fluent in reading because it helps us to understand what we are reading. Becoming fluent takes a lot of practice. Therefore, today that is what we are going to be doing."


            2.Using the white board, write: " The cow jumped over the moon." Then, model not reading fluently. "Thhhhhheeeeee ccoooowwwww jummmppeeeedd ooovvveerrr thhhheeee mmoooooonnn." "Now was that fluent? No!" Then, next read the sentence quickly and with expression. " The cow jumped over the moon!!" "Now, did that sound like I read it fluently?" "Now, what did I do different the second time I read the sentence? Did it sound better? Allow answer. "That's right because I read the sentence the second time fluently."


            3.Pass out the book Henry and Mudge to each student.  "Now I want you to practice reading fluently. I want you to read this book three times. Make sure when you read that you are understanding what you read, so that you will be able to read it more fluently each time. When you get finished I want you to raise your hand and I will pair you with a partner so you can practice reading to each other."


            4. "With your partner I want you to read the same book. But, this time I am going to give you a time sheet. Now listen closely!! When your partner is reading to you, I want you to time them while they read. Then count how many words they read correctly during one minute and write the number of words on your sheet.  Model this on the board by calling up a student and having them time you. Then write the number of words read on the board. Okay now it's your turn "On your mark get set, READ!!"





            For the assessment I will evaluate the students as they work with their partner.  I will listen to see if the students are reading with expression and smoothness. I will also check their one-minute readings that they take for each other.



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