Mmmm... Morgan Made a Milkshake

Emergent Literacy Design

Allyson Houlton


For children to achieve phonics, reading and spelling, they must first understand the different phonemes. Children need to learn to recognize the phoneme sounds by matching the 26 letters in our alphabet to the vocal gestures we speak. The students will learn that m stands for /m/. During this lesson, students will practice identifying /m/ orally and the letter m in print. The will be given practice and will also be assessed individually to make sure they understand the concept.


-Primary paper and pencil

-The saying, “Morgan Makes a Milkshake every Monday” written on chart paper with a picture of a milkshake

-Worksheet with pictures of items (man, pig, meal, egg, dog, cat, mat, mint) -enough for each student

-The book: Muhammad’s Monday


1. Explain to the students that our written language is tricky and can be difficult to learn, but we will have fun learning the different sounds that represent the letters. “Today, we will learn how to make the sound that represents the letter m. We will also learn how to write uppercase and lowercase m. After we get practice with this, we will read a book and find out what items on a page have the ‘mmm’ sound in them.”

2. Ask students: “Have you ever eaten something that tasted very good, and you say, ‘mmm, that was good’.  I love chocolate chip cookies and always say, ‘mmm’ when I eat them. Let’s practice making the /m/ sound by pretending we are eating our favorite foods. Everyone say, ‘mmm, that was good’, while rubbing our bellies. Can anyone tell me what letter the ‘mmm’ sound represents? M, that is right!”

3. (Take out chart with tongue twister):“ Morgan makes a milkshake every Monday.” Now everyone say it together two times. This time while we read it aloud, we will put emphasis on the /m/. Say it like this, “Mmmorgan mmmakes a mmmilkshake every Mmmonday.” Now let’s try it again and this time we will break the /m/ off from the rest of the words. “/m/organ /m/akes a /m/ilkshake every /m/onday.”

4. (Have students take out primary paper and pencil): Let’s write the letter m. I am going to show you how to write both uppercase and lowercase m. I will demonstrate how to write the letter on the chart first. To make an upper-case m, start at the rooftop and go straight down to the sidewalk, go back up to the rooftop where you started, down to the fence, back up to the rooftop, and down to the sidewalk again. Now, you try writing it on your lined paper. I will be walking around to make sure everyone’s M  looks okay. Now I will show you the lower-case m. Start at the fence, go down to the sidewalk, back up to the fence where you started, make 2 humps going halfway down between the fence and the sidewalk, and back down to the sidewalk. Now you try writing it. Great job!

5. “I am going to read some words aloud, and I want you to tell me if you hear the ‘mmm’ sound in the word.  I will model one for you first. Dog; do we hear the ‘mmm’ sound in dog? No, we do not! What about man; do you hear the ‘mmm’ sound in man? Yes, that’s right! Fat; do you hear the ‘mmm’ sound in fat? No, you are right. Milk; do you hear the ‘mmm’ sound in milk? Yes, that’s right! Sock; do you hear the ‘mmm’ sound in sock? No! Mom; do you hear the ‘mmm’ sound in mom? Yes! Mine; do you hear the ‘mmm’ sound in mine? Yes! Great job!”

6. Introduce the book Muhammad’s Monday. “This is Muhammad. He and his mom are spending a Monday together. Let’s see what happens on Monday.” Read Muhammad’s Monday. Have a discussion about the story and the “mmm” sound. Read the story again, and have the students rub their tummies when they hear the letter m. Write the words on the chart and read each aloud.

7. For assessment, give each student a sheet of pictures of different items on it (Example: man, pig, meal, egg, dog, cat, mat, mint). Have the class identify and name each picture. Students will circle the pictures with /m/.


-Klingel, Cynthia and Noyed, Robert B. Muhammad’s Monday. Chanhassen, MN: Child's World, 2004. 24 pages.

-Miranda, Jenn. Patti the Pig Pops Popcorn.

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