“Fran has fun”

By: Hannah Bailey


            Rationale: In order for children to learn how to read text at a more steady rate they need to be able to read more skillfully and fluently. Reading fluency is the ability to recognize words accurately, rapidly, and automatically. Fluent readers learn to read fast and smoothly but also with expression. By gaining fluency, students also gain comprehension skills because they do not have to focus on sounding out the words.The goal of this lesson is to help students develop reading fluency using timed reading.


Decodable book (1 for each student) Fran has Fun By: Hannah Bailey

Dry erase board



 1. Introduce the lesson: “Reading fluently is a very important part of becoming a good reader. In order to be a fluent reader we need to practice reading quickly, smoothly, and with expression. Can anyone tell me what it means to read with expression?” “Today we are going to read the same text a few times in order to practice reading fluency. Fluent readers do not always know every word. If you come to a word you do not know, read to the end of the sentence or use the silent cover-up method.”

2.  Write a sample sentence on the dry erase board. Model reading the sample sentence for the students in a monotone voice. Then model reading the same sentence with great expression and enthusiasm.

3. “Students can you tell me which time the sentence sounded better and more enthusiastic?” “The second way, thats correct.”

4.  “The reason we read with expression is to make the story feel more real and to make it come alive.”

5.  Now I want you to get in groups of 2 and practice reading the decodable book to one another practicing reading quickly, smoothly, and with expression.

      Assessment: Have students come to your desk one at a time reading a couple of pages from the decodable book practicing good reading fluency. (Teacher will check off students with good reading fluency marking what students do correctly and what they need to work on.)


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