Gulp Your Grape Juice With G


Emergent Literacy

By: Hannah Bailey


This lesson will help children identify /g/, the phoneme represented by G.  Students will learn to recognize /g/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (gulping grape juice), practice finding /g/ in words, and apply phoneme awareness with /g/in phonetic cue reading by distinguishing rhyming words from beginning letters.


Chart with "Gabby's goofy Grandma gulps gallons of grape juice." Word cards with GULP GO GOLF LAKE GRAB and GOAT; assessment worksheet to help identify /g/. Sentence strips with tongue twisters.


1. Say: Our alphabet is made up of many different letters that each have their very own sound. The sound we are going to learn about today is the letter g. When we say the letter g it sounds like we are gulping a large glass of juice.

2. Let's pretend we are gulping our juice. /g/ /g/ /g/. Notice the position of your mouth and where your tongue is. The mouth is open and the tongue shifts back barely touching the roof of your mouth just as it does when you swallow a big gulp of juice.

3. Let me show you how to find /g/ in the word frog. I am going to stretch it out in really slow motion and I want you to listen for my "gulp" fff-rrr-ooo-gggg. I heard my "gulp" that means that there is a /g/ in frog.

4. Let's try a tongue twister "Gabby's Grandma gulps gallons of grape juice." Everybody say it a few times together. Now say it again but this time stretch the /g/ at the beginning of the words. "Ggggabby's gggggoofy Ggggrandma ggggulps ggggallons of ggggrape juice." Now say it one last time but this time break the /g/ off the front of the word. "Gggg-abby's gggg-oofy Ggggg-randma gggg-ulps gggg-allons of gggg-rape juice."

5. Show the students the word cards and ask them which words begin with /g/. Then ask them how they knew. See  if they are able to spot the mouth move of gulping that we discussed earlier.

6. We will read sentence strips with tongue twisters stressing the sound /g/.

Greg gave the goat some grapes in the garden.

(Gggggreggg ggggave the gggggoat some gggggrapes in the gggggarden.)

Gabe got the group to go to the grocery store.

(Ggggabe ggggot the ggggroup to ggggo to the ggggrocery store.)

Gifts are great to give to grumpy Gary.

(Ggggifts are ggggreat to gggive to gggrumpy Ggggary.)


7. At this time the students are ready to be assessed. Hand-out the worksheet and ask the students to draw lines to the words that begin with G and if they finish early they can color the pictures that begin with G also.


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