To the sea...ea=/E/

to the sea

By Morgan Curry


Students need to be able to recognize the two letters combined can make one sound. This lesson focuses on the long e spelled ea.  Students will learn to recognize that ea=/E/ through various classroom activities.



-         sentence strip with “eat each peach by the sea” written in large bold letters

-         poem: “A Meal by the Sea” by Sue Palmer (written largely on chart paper)

-         primary paper

-         pencils



  1. Read the tongue twister “eat each peach by the sea” to the students while pointing to each word. Then ask if the notice anything about the sentence.
  2. Explain the concept, “when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking and the second one does the walking”.
  3. Write a word on the board (i.e. seat) and say “if we use the concept we just talked about then how would we say this word.
  4. Display the poem by Sue Palmer

A Meal by the Sea

I dream of a meal by the seaside

I dream of a meal by the sea

A seat on the beach

With the sea within reach

And peaches and cream for my tea

Yes, please!


  1. Read the poem aloud to the students and point to each word
  2. Then have the students read the poem with you
  3. Next call on students to identify words that have ea=/E/ in them
  4. You can also have them find words that rhyme within the poem
  5. Have the students complete the ea= /E/ worksheet.  




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