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Kathryne Clark
Emergent Literacy Design


Letter recognition is very important to the success and progression of a student's ability in reading and writing.  The understanding of letter recognition serves as a student's base as to which base their other information upon.  I this lesson I will be reviewing the letter /m/.  Upon the completion of this lesson, I would like for the children to be able to understand the sound of the letter /m/ makes, and also to be able to write it correctly. 

The letter /m/ on posterboard
Tongue twister (Max's magic magnets made Mom mad.)
Primary paper
Picture cards with words that begin with m such as muffin, mouse, money, man, monkey, mop, marshmallow
Are You My Mother? by: Philip Eastman
worksheet with pictures of /m/ words and non /m/ words


Today I will begin by introducing the letter /m/.  "Ok guys, today we are going to be learning about one of my favorite letters.  I want to see if anyone can guess what this letter is, I will give you a hint, it comes between the letter /l/ and /n/.  You are exactly right! The letter /m/ is correct! I love the letter /m/ because it says mmm, and when i say mmm that means that I have eaten something yummy! Like mmmac n'cheese, or mmmeatballs, or my favorite mmmashed potatoes!! MMM!"

I will then hold up a piece of poster board with the letter /m/ on it.  "Can anyone tell me what letter my friend Max is holding up? That is exactly right, the letter /m/.  What sound does this letter make?  You are right on! Mmmm! I just love /m/! Mmmm-mmm! Haha, can anyone raise their hand if they have ever said mmm after eating their favorite food?  I know I have!" 

"I am so glad that you all know about /m/.  Know lets try something really fun, I am going to say a silly sentence that start with the mmm sound, now when I say these words listen to how I say mmm at the beginning.  Is everyone ready?  Turn on your listening ears, because I want you to repeat it when I finish, Max's magic magnets made Mom mad.  Now it's your turn.  Great job! Now let's say it two more times all together.  Ready begin."

"I am so proud of you! I couldn't even trick you with my tongue twister! Now lets practice writing the letter /m/."  I will then pass out to each student a piece of primary paper.  "Ok lets everyone watch me very carefully because I am going to tell you the correct way to write the letter /m/." I will have the lines drawn on the board just like on their paper. "Let's try the capital M first start on the rooftop and go down straight through the fence and stop when you get to the sidewalk.  Next, go back to where you started on the rooftop and go down the slide thru the fence until you hit the sidewalk and then back up the slide thru the fence to the next rooftop.  Finally, go down straight through the fence to the sidewalk and stop. Ok now everyone try by themselves, if you have any questions raise your hand.  Great job! Now lets write nine more. Ok now i think you guys are ready for lowercase /m/. Everyone watch the board once again. Start on the fence and go down to the sidewalk then back up toward the fence and hump around and down to the sidewalk again.  Now go back up to the fence and hump around and down to the sidewalk again. Wow! Now lets do nince more again. I am so impressed!"

"Wonderful writing! Now I am going to hold up two pictures, when I hold up the first picture I want for everyone to tell me what it is, then I will hold up the second picture and I want everyone to tell me what that picture is as well.  Then after the two pictures I want you to tell me which one started with mmm. Ready?"  First Picture: muffin.  "What is this? MUFFIN.  Ok, and what is this? CAKE. Which one do we hear mmm? Muffin, great job!" I will continue this with five more sets of pictures.

"I think that you are almost /m/ experts.  But I do have two more fun things for us to do together.  First, I want to read you a really cute book called Are You My Mother? by: Philip D. Eastman.  Have any of you ever felt lost?  That is what happened  to the baby bird in our book.  The baby bird searched everywhere for its mom, but could not find her anywhere. Do you all want to know what happens?  Ok good, when I am reading this book I want for you to listen for the letter /m/.  Everytime you hear this letter I want for everyone to rub their bellies like they have just put something yummy in them." 

"I think that was so much fun! you guys are mmmagnificent! I am now going to pass around a worksheet to everyone and I want for you all to look at the pictures on the page and circle the pictures that begin with mmm."


For assessment, pass out a worksheet with pictures that start with the letter /m/ and some that do not. Have the students carefully evaluate them and put stars next
the pictures that start with /m/.


Dr. Bruce Murray's website Reading Genie.

Sarah Autrey, Patty the Pretty Pig.

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