I Scream You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream!!

Beginning Reading Lesson

Meghan Ciampi



In order for children to read and spell words, it is essential that students learn that letters stand for phonemes and that spellings of words map out the phonemes that we hear in spoken words. A child must learn to decode many different correspondences. In this lesson, children will learn the correspondence ea=/E/. Students will learn to associate ea with the long e sound, after seeing it in written text and listening for the sound /E/ that it makes. Teaching all the correspondences to students will help them in becoming more fluent.


Letter Box letters: s, t, r, e, a, k, m, c, l, p, n.

Letter boxes

Lee and the Team (copies for each student)

Assessment worksheet


1. The lesson should be introduced by reviewing the sound that the letter e makes with the students. “Today we will talk about the letter e which we have discussed before with our creaky door. What sound does it make? That is correct… e=/e/. Today we are going to learn a new correspondence. Can anyone tell me what the two letters “ea” sound like when they are put together in a word? You are right; they make the long E sound. The “ea” together says EEEE- it’s name. To help me remember that ea make the long E, I always think of the saying: “ I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Lets say it together, That was great!

2. Now we are going to practice by using our letters to make words with the ea. Let me do the first word. The word is sneak. I am going to get the letters s, n, e , a and k  and put them in four boxes. S goes in the first box, than the n goes in to the next box and the e and a go in the same box, than the k goes in the last box. Now it’s your turn to practice. TELL WHY!!


4[steam, creak, least, speak, treat, steam, clear, smear]

5[streak,stream, scream]


3. You did a great job! Now without using the letter boxes I am going to use the letters and spell a word, I want you to tell me what the word is. Let me show you, the letters s/n/e/a/k / spell the word Sneak. Now, its your turn. When I use the letters to spell words, I want you to tell me the word I have spelled.

4. You are working so hard, Great Job! Now lets read the book. Lee and the Team, while we read lets try to look for the words that have the ea=/E/.


The last thing we are going to do is look at pictures on the worksheet and circle the pictures that show the ea=/E/ sound.

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