Sneaky Snake

Alison Stokes
Emergent Reading

Rationale: To learn and demonstrate an initial understanding of letter-sound relationships and develop phonemic
awareness dealing with the upper and lower case letter s.

Materials: Sneaky Snake cut out of the letter S, construction paper, scissors, markers, chant paper with the chant
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, the book Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields: Candlewick
Press,  flashcards with pictures of things that begin with the letter S as well as other pictures that do not start with
the letter S (Ex. Shoe and turtle, sock and dog), primary paper, pencil, picture worksheet

Chant (Shoes, Shoes, Shoes):
Old shoes, new shoes
Hop into shoes
Quiet, hushing, tiptoe shoes
Loud, stomping, clomping shoes
Dancing, prancing, skipping shoes
Jumping, bumping, tripping shoes
Shoes in a heap
Sitting on the floor
Shoes in a line
Marching out the door
Soft, stay-at-home shoes
High, walk alone shoes
Mixed up shoes for Daddy
Mommy, and my brother
Find the go together shoes
One shoe needs the other
Brother's running fast shoes
Daddy's buckle tight shoes
Mommy's slip in right shoes
I've found the tiny tie shoes
My shoes, my shoes


1.) Introduce the lesson by writing the words "Sneaky Snake" on the board and asking the students, "What
similarities do you notice about the two words on the board." Hopefully, a child will say that the two words both
have the letter S. We will also discuss how the letter S makes a hissing sound like a snake. "Okay class, let's
repeat the words on the board pretending we are snakes stressing the S sound." I will have the children repeat the
words Sneaky Snake over and over again stressing the hissing sound of the letter S. Then the children will use the
Sneaky Snake letter S cut out to trace and cut out their own. They will also have an opportunity to decorate their
sneaky snake.

2.) Have the students place their snakes off to the side. While the students are still at their desk have them take
out primary paper and a pencil. Direct the students how to write the upper and lower case letter S by writing the
letter large on the board with the lines drawn out.  "To make an upper case S connect a forward c on the top of the
fence line to a backward c under the fence line. To make a lower case letter do the same but must fit in between the
fence line and sidewalk. I want to see each student's upper and lower case letter's before anyone can continue.
When I have checked off each students paper, I want everyone to write 6 more of each upper and lower case

3.) When the students are done practicing their letters, have them sit together on the floor bringing their sneaky
snakes with them. Show the students the different picture flashcards one at a time. Have the students raise their
sneaky snake in the air if the picture on the flashcard begins with the letter S. If the picture on the flashcard does
not begin with the letter S, the students must keep their snakes in their laps. "Okay students, now whenever we
hear the S sound let's put our snakes in the air."

4.) Next, read the chant Shoes, Shoes, Shoes aloud to the students a few times until they become comfortable
reading it aloud as well. When the chant has been read aloud a few times, have some students come and underline
all the upper and lower case letters in the chant. "Now I am  going to call on some students to come and underline
the upper and lower case letter Ss in the chant." Direct each student whether to underline an upper or lower case
letter. Explain that not all of the letters are at the beginning of a word but also in the middle and at the end.

5.) Read aloud the story straight through for the first time, Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp. The story uses
rhyming and many of the words begin with the letter S. Read the story a second time through and have the children
use their Sneaky Snakes when they hear a word that begins with the letter S.

Assessment: Observe what students comprehend the S sound while reading Saturday Night at the Dinosaur
Stomp for the second time. Also make a picture worksheet, (similar to the flashcard activity) and have the children
circle the pictures that begin with the letter s.

Shields, Carol Diggory, Illus Scott Nash. Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp. Candlewick Press, 1997.

Mrs. Herndon. Auburn Early Education Center Auburn, AL. Purple Pod. 2003.

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