Stephanie S. Hagler
Reading to Learn: Visualization
November 17, 2003

Seeing Is Believing!

Rationale: Visualization is so important as it creates a mental picture that makes stories come to life.  In turn this lesson will allow children the opportunity to see mental pictures in their mind which will allow them to broaden their horizons as students and possible artists/authors.

Materials:  Drawing paper, markers, crayons, The Polar Express, assessment checklist.

Procedure: 1) Imagine you have been chosen to visit the North Pole and take a peek at what Santa is bringing you.  Imagine the atmosphere, (how it looks), and all the toys for all the boys and girls. Take a few minutes, close your eyes and try to paint a mental picture of what you see. ( Pay close attention, because you might see your gifts. )  (After a few minutes have passed) Now, lets share what you all saw and talk about how much fun that was and got you involved in the thinking process. Great job everyone.

2)  Okay at this time Iâd like to read an excerpt from The Polar Express.  As I read picture yourself as a part of the book and actually being there. Here goes:
ãA clock struck midnight as the elves roared their approval.  Santa handed the bell to me, and I put it in my bathrobe pocket.  The conductor helped me down from the sleigh.
3) Now that we have shared ideas, please read the rest of your book quietly and when you are done I would like each one of you draw a picture that summarizes the rest of the chapter. Ready set, read, and draw!!:)

Assessment:  When you are done, please raise your hand ,so I will know that you are done and can begin calling you up one by one. (Use evaluation checklist)

Julie Miller: Paint a Picture.

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