Baaa! I'm a Sheep!
Emergent Literacy

Stephanie Hagler

*Rationale:  Often times, children have a difficult time recognizing the letter "b". In this lesson children will learn to identify, write, and relate pictures which begin with the letter "b."

*Materials:  Baa! I'm a Sheep (class set), primary writing paper, pencil, chalkboard, chalk, b pictures, d pictures.

1)  Who likes biscuits??  BBBBBBiscuits.  Who likes doughnuts?? DDDDDdoughnuts. Great!!!
2)  Okay, let's practice writing our b's. (Model/demonstrate first).
3)  Pass out a picture sheet and have students write a "b" on all the b pictures.
4)  Read the B page from the ABC book.
5)  Have students read Baa! I'm a Sheep and have them mash the sheep each time they see a "b" word.

Dr.Seuss, ABC.  New York, Beginner Books.  1963.  63 pages.
Baa! I'm a Sheep

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