Egggggcitable E

Elizabeth Crosby

Beginning Reading Design

Rationale: Phonemic Awareness is important in beginning reading. Phonemic Awareness also helps children learn how to spell better. This lesson teaches the e=/e/ correspondence.

Materials: Primary paper, pencils, Red Gets Fed, letters for Elkonain boxes. Elkonain boxes. Words for lessons. Red fed, bed, Ed, best fresh. R, e, d, f, b, s t h

1)      Start off by saying writing is a secret adventure that only human beings get to take. Today on that adventure we are going to discover e=/e/. Sometimes /e/ can be difficult to hear or find in a word, but we are going to practice to make it not so hard.

2)    Do you have grandparents who are hard of hearing? Do they go eh a lot? Do they put their hand behind their ear like this when they say eh? (Model) Lets practice saying, “Eh, what did you say?” all together.

3)    Now lets say a tongue twister. Edgar the Elephant is excellent. When you hear the /e/ sound, I want you to put your hands behind your ears like we did earlier. Now lets say it together. Edgar the elephant is excellent, and one last time say it by yourselves.

4)    Now lets practice writing the /e/ sound. Take out your pencil and paper. Who can tell me how to spell beg. Come write it on the dry erase board while everyone gives it a try on their paper. bbbb is the first sound. eeee is the second. ggggg is the third. Lets get into your groups and see how many /e/ words we can come up with and write them down on your papers. After everyone is finished we will write our lists up on the board.

5)    Sound out and model how to use the letterbox lesson. Everyone ready to practice using our Elkonain boxes? I will tell you the number of boxes to put out and I will call out the word. Do this work individually. Try to do the best you can and we will spell the word out after everyone has taken a shot at it. The words are, red,fed,bed,ed,best,fresh.

6)    Lets practice some more in pairs. Read together Red Gets Fed and every time you or your partner hear a /e/ sound in a word. I want you to put a tally makr down and we will see how many /e/ sound words you guys found in Red Gets Fed.

7)    For assessment: While you and your partner are working I will call each of you up to my desk. I will have a paragraph full of short /e/ sounds and I want you to tell me how many short /e/ sounds you hear.


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