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 Gaining Fluency by Desiree Bennett


Rationale:  Children develop better comprehension when they become fluent readers.  To become fluent readers they must recognize words accurately and automatically.  Through this lesson students will increase their speed through times readings.


Materials:  Flash cards with words on them (book, food, shook, mood, look, tom, took), chart paper with the sentence Cookie got into a lot of trouble this week, Copy of Cookie's Week by Tommy DePoala for each student, Big book of Cookie's Week, stop watch for each pair of students , pencil, paper, and classroom library



1.       "Today we are going to talk about the correct way to read a book.  Let's review the oo=/OO/ because it is used in the book we will read today.  What sound do the oo vowels make?  Now let's read these words I have written on flash cards.  When I hold up a card everyone read it aloud."

2.     "Now I am going to read a book to you.  I will read it twice.  The first time I read it I will read it incorrectly.  The book is Cookie's Week and it is about a cat that falls in the toilet on Monday and knocks a plant over on Tuesday.  What will Cookie do the rest of the week?  Let's read to find out."

3.     Read it to the children slowly and without expression.  After finishing ask them what the book was about.  What did Cookie knock over?  Did he get into trouble on Sunday?  Most of the children will not be able to answer the questions.  Without telling them the answers tell them it is hard to understand and remember the story when it is read without speed and accuracy.

4.     Now read the story correctly.  "Now I will read the story with accuracy and expression."  Ask them the same questions once you have finished reading.  "Were you able to understand the book better this time?  Did everyone hear the difference between reading correctly and reading incorrectly?"

5.     "You can become better readers by reading and rereading text.  I will read this sentence on the chart paper.  First, I decode all the words.  Then, I read it again and again.  Each time I read it, I can read it faster and understand it better."  Read the sentence slowly at first, each time you read do it with more accuracy and fluency and expression.  "Did everyone see how my reading got better each time I read?  Now you try.  Remember to use crosschecking and cover up strategies if you get stuck."  Take some volunteers to demonstrate these strategies.

6.     "Everyone pair up.  I am going to pass out a copy of Cookie's Week and a stop watch to each pair.  Number your paper 1 to 3.  You will take turns reading the book aloud for 1 minute.  While you are reading your partner will count how many words you read and write that number next to the 1.  Then start over and read for 1 minute and write the number next to the 2 and then do it a third time.  Once you have read three times switch and let your partner read to you and you count.  If you finish early read silently to yourself, practicing accuracy and expression."

7.     Assessment:  "everyone go choose a book form the reading center.  Read and reread quietly at your desk.  I will pull you one at a time to do 2 one minute reads with me."  Tell them what the scores mean and give verbal praise.  Remind them to use cover ups while reading.  Once you are finished with the one minute reads walk around and note miscues.  Once the students have had time to read  ask if they want to do a book talk about the book they chose.



Reading Genie Website:  http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie/fluency.html

http://www.auburn.edu/rdggenie/discov/hollowaygf.html. A Speeding Rocket, a Shooting Star…It's a Reading Racer by Aretha Holloway


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