"Eeehh What was That?"
Emergent Literacy Design
By: Sarah Asbury

Rationale: It is so important for children to grasp phoneme awarness before the begin to leran how to read. They need to understand that the sounds we make are represented by letters and what those letters and sounds are. In this lesson children will learn how to identify the /e/ sound in spoken words by associating that sound with an action, learn how to write the letter e, and recognize the phoneme in spoken words.

Materials: chart for tongue twister (Everybody saw Eddie the Eskimo Enter the Elevator on the Elephant), primary paper, pencils, stickers, a copy of "Red Get's Fed" for every student


Introduce the lesson by explaining how important reading and writing is in our everyday lives. That it iss uch an important part of being able to communicate with each other. Today we are going to practice the sound that e makes. Have you every been talking to an older person, and when theycouldn't hear what you were saying, they put their hand up to their ear and said eeehh? Well that is the sound the letter e makes. We can hear that sound in words like eeeg, beeed, and heeen.

2. Now I want you all to practice with me. Let's all say eeeg and beeed- you hear it? Good-now let's say heeen. I have writen a tongue twister on this chart to help us. Everybody saw Eddie and the Eskimo enter the elevator on the elephant. Now let's all say it together and lets drag out all those /e/ sounds. EEEveryboday saw EEEddie and the EEEskimo EEEnter the EEElevator on the EEElephant.

3. Now since we all know what sound e makes let's practice writing it so we can recognize it when we read. I am going to model how to write it on the board and then I want everyone else to write some after me, so get your your primary paper and a pencil so we can begin. For lowercase e, get in the center of the space below the fence, go toward the door, up to touch the fence, and around and up." Make sure you are writing the letter e, on the chalkboard as you are explaining the motions. Now I want you all to write one e, I am going to walk around and when I give you a sticker I want you to finish that whole top row with eeexcellent e's.

4. After the students have finished tell them that you are going to read out a list of words and when you hear that /e/ sound you want them to put their hand to their ear like they can't hear you. You read: egg, red, sled, Rick, Ed, block and Fred.

5. Next have each student take out their copies of "Red Get's Fed". Have them partner read with the person sitting next to them. Now I want you all to take out your copies of "Red Get's Fed" I want you to each read the story once you the person sitting next to you. If you are listening I want you to hold your hand to your ear every time your partner reads that /e/ sound like we did before when I read those words. Everybody understand? Great! Let's get started!

I will hand out a picture page and hlep the studnets figure out what each picture is and they will circle the picture that has the /e/ sound in it.


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