Don’t Wake the Baby

A Model Lesson Design by: Debbie Troha
Beginning Reading

Rationale:  Children should be instructed and exposed to phoneme awareness in order to have a good understanding of the spoken and written language.  In this lesson students can associate sound with letters for spelling and this will enable them to spell words.  When students accomplish isolating certain sounds they will be able to recognize which letters make up certain sounds.  The focus of this lesson is to help the children identify sh=/sh/.

Materials:  Primary paper and pencil; chart with a large sh and “Sherrie works at the shoe shine shop.” and a word list with fish, ship, dish, rainbow, ocean, and water; baby doll; Rainbow Fish by: Marcus Pfister; crayons; and a picture page with: a shoe, ship, dog, fish, pencil, and dish (This will be hand-drawn or created from clip-art.)

1. Introduce the lesson by explaining that letters and combined to create the words we speak, read, and write.  How many of you have a baby brother or sister?  Has you mom ever said, “Ssshhh, don’t wake the baby.”  Well, that /sh/ sound is used in a lot of words and today you are going to learn how to recognize and spell it.
2. “Let’s pretend that this is my baby (hold and rock baby doll while talking).  She is sleeping so we have to be very quiet (hold finger to mouth and make the /sh/ sound).  Can you all practice making that sound with me?  Great job!  (Point to the letter combination sh on the chart.)  These are the letters that we use to make the /sh/ sound.
3. “Now let’s try a tongue twister.  Sherrie works at the shoe shine shop(follow words on a written chart with your finger each time).  Can you repeat that with me?  Nice!  Let’s say it one more time, but this time hold out the ssshhh sound because the baby is still sleeping and we don’t want to wake her.  Ssshhherrie works at the ssshhhoe ssshhhine ssshhhop.  You are doing a great job.”
4. (Hand out primary paper and pencil).  Let’s practice writing the letters that make the /sh/ sound.  The first letter in the /sh/ sound is s.  To make the letter s we will start just below the roof and make a little c so that it sits on the fence line.  Then, go down the sidewalk and make a curve the opposite way.  (Model writing the letter s.)  Okay, now we need to make the other letter in the /sh/ sound and it is an h.  To write the letter h you start just below the roof again and make a straight line all the way to the sidewalk.  Then, place you pencil on that line where the fence line is.  Bring your pencil out and down to the sidewalk to make a hump.  (Model writing the letter h.) That is excellent work.  (Place sticker on work).  Now I would like you to repeat that combination of letters 4 more times.
5. I will have students practice by reading the word list on the chart.  Then the students will read Rainbow Fish .  At the end of each page, I will ask them to raise their hands if the recognize a word that has sh in it.
6. For their assessment I will distribute a picture page with a shoe, ship, dog, fish, pencil, and dish (I will draw the pictures for the picture page).  I will ask the students to write the name of the object on the line under the picture.  Then I will have them color the pictures that have the name with a /sh/ sound.

Reference:  Murray, Bruce (ed).  (1998).  Lessons for Learning to Read  (pg. 21)
“Where’s Waldo?”  by: Rebecca Crissey

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