Brooke Simmons
Growing Independency and Fluency
                                                                         Rapid Reading

Rationale:  The two keys to reading are comprehension and fluency.  In order to read fluently a child must be able to read faster, smoother, and more expressively.  Learning to decode enables children to improve sight recognition.  This progress in sight recognition will encourage fluency.  Becoming a fluent reader makes reading much more enjoyable for children.  However, in order for children to become fluent readers they must first learn to recognize sight words and practice reading and rereading decodable texts.

Materials:  index card with sight word for each child, overhead with the words to a song that is sung to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus with different blending words, the text of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Simms Taback on overhead transparencies for the class to read.

1. I will introduce the lesson by explaining that in order to be a skilled reader we must learn to read fluently.  But before we can become fluent readers we have to be able to recognize sight words and also understand how to blend words.  Now, let’s review sight recognition and blending.

2. I will have a word wall in my classroom with words such as:  I, we, as, they, the, etc…. on it.  I will then give each child an index card with one of these words on it.  Next I will read a story aloud and tell the children to hold up their card when they here that word.  I will be observing as I read to make sure everyone is doing it and is able to recognize his or her word.

3. Next I will sing a song that allows the children to practice blending.  The song is sung to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus.  “The letters in a word go c-a-t, c-a-t, c-a-t, the letters in a word go c-a-t, the word is cat.  I would then repeat using words such as dog, hat, nap, etc.

4. Okay, now we are going to read a story together as a class.  We are going to read There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.  This silly old lady swallowed a fly along with lots of other crazy things.  What do you think is going to happen to her?  Let’s read the story to find out.  (I will then put the first page on the overhead) I am going to read the first sentence, when I am done I want you to read the sentence to me.  (As I read the first sentence I will point to each word so that it is easy for them to follow along when I am reading and when they are reading.)  Now let’s reread the whole page together. (I will do this after have read the page sentence by sentence.)  After every page or two we will stop and discuss what has happened so far to insure that they are comprehending and to keep them interested.

5.  Now the children will each choose a familiar book and read silently.  As they are reading I will go around to each student and have them read to me briefly.  As they do this I will note miscues and their speed to see if their fluency is increasing.


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