Kesha Floyd
Alphabets and more Alphabets

Rationale: In order for students to learn how to read words they must first learn their alphabets and the sounds they make. At the end of the lesson the Students will be able to identify letters in the alphabet and pronounce them phonetically correct.

Materials: Alphabet cards (your students can create them) pencil, alphabet book, music, container, Chairs,
"Alphabet Family".

Procedures:  1. Today we are going to work on our alphabet and the sound they make. We will play a fun game of chairs to introduce the alphabet.
2.  Sitting in chairs in a circle, children choose an alphabet card out of a container and also the teacher. After handing out the cards, the teacher will give an example by identifying the letter and give a word that starts with that letter. Then the students will follow the teacher by following the same pattern. As they progress in the same order that the cards were handed out in and have each child give the letter and give a word that starts with that letter.
3.  Next have children stand up and place their card on their chair.  Play some music and have the children march around the chairs while the music is playing. When the music stops playing the children stop in front of the chairs and chose or look at the card that is in their chair. The students will later read the card aloud.
4.  While the children are playing the game, take notes of children who are pronouncing letters correctly, who is having trouble pronouncing the letters, and who is having trouble coming up with words.
Read the story about the alphabet family. Read it a second time to see if the student can remember any thing special about the alphabets.
5.  While collecting alphabet cards, compliment children on their great choice of words ask them about their favorite were for each letter. When the card are collected hold up each letter and choose 2-3 children for each letter to give their favorite word that they said or heard.

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