Thomas the Choo Choo Train
By Kesha Floyd
Rational:  This activity is designed to help students with reading and writing, using phonological awareness.  For a child to master the concept and knowledge of spelling, a continuous integration of letter sound relationship must happen consonant digraphs such as (ch) are important in mastering literacy.


Materials: boxes for each child, letter manipulative: a, b, c, e, g, h, I, k, l, p, s, t, u, Note cards with words: Slouch, cat, cub, camp, can, speak sat, south, cat. Chalkboard and chalk the front of the room television, VCR, and movie Thomas the train, The book chips gets a dog by Toni Albert

Produces:Introduce the lesson by showing clip from Thomas the train where Thomas is coming around the track and pup up smoke saying choo choo.  Then say the sound (ch) is a familiar sound heard throughout the movie.  When you put ( c ) and (h) together you get the (ch).

2.Say, “Lets see if you can hear the (ch) sound in some words. Hold up two of the note cards.  Do you here the (ch) sound in chat or cat? In Chubb or cub? In champ or camp? In speak or speech? In slouch or south? Make sure every one follows and understand then proceed to the next step.

3. Now past out all of the note cards you just read. Say” now everyone has a note card. We will take turns saying the words on each card. The class will then respond and say if the word has the (ch) sound or not. Are you ready?

4.Now pass out the adjustable boxes to each child say “lets use our letter boxes to spell some (ch) words. Adjust your boxes to three boxes. You spell chip.  Does chip make 1 or 2 sounds?

Remember to put on sound per box spell rich. Spell chug now make 4 boxes, spell chest, spell chant. (Chip gets A Dog)

5. Know write on the board a simple but yet fun tongue twister the board using the (ch) sound Chip is such a champ. His coach chanted how many chips cheered during the championship. Ask the children to say hat words have the (ch) sound and underline them, next for fun have the student create a new tongue twister using (ch).

Reference:  Teaching and Decoding in Holistic Classrooms. Eldredge, J. Loyd: Merrill/ Prentice Hall, 1995:p86.

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