“Now I Can Read”
Growing Independence and Fluency
Ashley Clanton

Rationale:  This lesson is designed to help students become more fluent in their reading.  Repeated reading is essential in helping children master fluency. In order to be able to read with more expression, children must read every day.  This lesson will help students read more smoothly and with more expression.

Materials: Four interesting books, brown paper bags, markers, and scissors.

Procedures: 1.  I will introduce the four books to the class by creating interesting book talks for each one.  These book talks will make the children excited and curious about reading the four books. Say, “Alright class, now we will divide into groups and each of you will have a turn to read one of these books.”  2. Divide the children into groups of four and give each group a book to read. “Class, I want to remind you  if you come to a word you do not know, just blend the words using the sounds of each phoneme.” 3. Each child will read the book through once. Then again, practicing to read more smoothly and with lots of expression.  4. After reading the books each group will be told to pick out their favorite character in the book.  Together the group members will create a puppet.  ( I will set a time limit on this project )   5. Now one person from each group will be chosen to read aloud with the puppet.  The books will rotate during the week to the four different groups so that each group is able to read all four books.  The processes from day one will be repeated accept for the puppet making. Each group will use the puppet ( that has already been made) that goes with the book that they are reading that day.  Each student will eventually get the opportunity to read aloud to the class.  This will be a way for me to assess their individual reading. A check list should be made of the words to mark the miscues and a blank should be on the sheet as well that describes the flow of the student’s reading.  6. This activity may last for several days.  To close the lesson each day,  the teacher will read a book to students to model reading fluently and expressively.

Reference: Eldredge, J.L. (1995). Teaching Decoding in Holistic Classrooms. New Jersey : Printice Hall (pg 125).

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