Christie R. Davis
Design:  Reading to Learn


Searching for Strega Nona Facts

Rationale: The goal of this lesson ifs for students to be able to comprehend what they read.  In order for students to comprehend what they read, they can use a strategy called, “story grammar”.  Story grammar allows the student to identify the main character of the story, where and when the story took place, what the main characters did, how the story ended, and how the main characters felt.

Materials: Make a chart with the question of main character, where and when the story took place, how the story ended, and how the main characters felt.  Books: de Paola, Tomie, Strega Nona’s Magic Lesson, Scholastic publishing, New York, NY, 1982. and de Paola, Tomie, Strega Nona Meets Her Match, Scholastic Publishing, New York, NY, 1993.  Paper and pencil for each group.

 1.  Review with the children how to read fast and slow.  Do this by reading the  first few pages of Strega Npna’s Magic Lesson to the children.

 2.  Read to the children Strega Nona’s Magic Lesson.  Go over the questions on  the chart with he children using the book just read.  Model and explain for them  how to go about finding the answers to the questions on the chart.  For example,  ask “Who is the main character of this story”, the answer is Strega Nona and  continue with the rest of the questions the same way.  Allow the children to  answer first and then if they can’t get it help them.

 3.  Split the class up into groups of about 4 children.  Distribute the book, Strega  Nona Meets Her Match to each group.

 4.  Allow each of the groups to read the book and answer the questions from the  chart in their groups.  For assessment, go over the answers with each of the groups  to see if they met the goal of comprehension.  The children should be able to  answer each of the questions with no help from the teacher.

Reference: Deanna Whittaker, Third Grade Teacher at Yarbrough Elementary School, Auburn, AL.  Summer 2000.  My own ideas.