Beginning Reading
by Jennifer Ames
Whisper Please

Rationale: Children need to recognize phoneme digraphs in order to pronounce some words. Once they master this, they can go on to develop their reading ability in recognizing harder words. Recognizing these is a hard skill to learn but needed to help unlock the world of reading. This lesson will help children recognize one of these /sh/. They will learn to recognize it in speech and in written language.

Materials: construction paper, pencil, ABC letters, letter boxes(6), flash cards with /sh/ words on them (same used for letter boxes, memory cards, crayons, worksheet, tongue twister written on board, scissors, Shoe Man (Phonic Readers)
Letters Needed: s,h, e, t, r, a, i, w, u, k
Flash Cards:/sh/ words, she rush, wish, trash, shake, shine
Memory Cards: Lesson words or others
Tongue twister: Sharon shouts ‘shells are shiny’.
Worksheet: shy, dish, push, shift, crush, ship, fish, shout, shape

    1-”Today we are going to move past learning our individual letter sounds. Some letters, when we put them together with another letter come up with their own sound. When we put the letters s and h together they say /sh/.

    2- We pucker our lips and blow. Pretend we are quieting our neighbor or telling our brother to be quiet; it makes the same sound!”

    3- “Let’s try this tongue twister! ‘Sharon shouts shells are shiny!’ Now let’s try this altogether. Repeat after me. Good! When we say it again emphasize the /sh/ sound in our words. Sharon shouts ‘shells are shiny!’

    4-Good! Now let’s take out our letter boxes and our alphabet letter. The only ones we will need are s, h, t, r, i, w, u, k. First word is flash. (have student come write it on board with the correct spelling before doing the next word. Be sure to walk around and check the student’s work) Next, rush, wish, trash, shake, shine.

    5-”Shake Down”
I need everyone to stand up. When I say a word, if you hear /sh/ in it then start shaking. If you do not hear the /sh/ sound then stand still. Ready? (shy, book, shout, escape, shirt, trash, bed, Hershey bar, Space Shuttle)

    6- For a review game, write rhyming /sh/ words on the back of a card and tape the cards face down on the board. Divide the class into two teams and then begin the game. Each side has one turn to see if they can get a match. If they get a match , they keep going until they miss one. (May need to help pronounce words)

    7- Do a book talk and have students pair up and read to each other. Walk around and help with any pronunciations. Write /sh/ words on the board. (Shoe Man Phonics Reader)

    8- “Shining Stars”
 Have students make stars and write 5 /sh/ words on them and stick them on their desk for visual reference and show what they have learned! (Inventive spelling may be used)

    9- Pass out the worksheet and have students fill in the right blank where /sh/ should go.

 ____y____               (shy)
 ____di____          (dish)
 ____pu____          (push)
 ____ift____          (shift)
 ____cru____         (crush)
 ____bru____         (brush)
 ____ip____          (ship)
 ____fi____          (fish)
 ____out____         (shout)
 ____ape____         (shape)

-Kunka, Alice. Shoe Man. Steck-Vaughn, Austin, 1991. (Phonics Readers)
-Murray, B. “Hands on approach to teaching decoding”. The Reading Teacher. 52, 644-650. 1999

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