Lesson Designs for Explicit Teaching
Auburn University * Fall 2000
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I. Emergent Literacy
Ideas for teaching letter recognition
Blair Brewer, Bodacious B's and Dynamic D's
Verlissa Echols, ABC Bingo
Kesha Floyd, Alphabets and More Alphabets
Sharon Gull, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Jacque Mills, Sally's Camel Has Two Humps
Amy Spurlock, The B Box

Ideas for teaching phoneme awareness
Jennifer Ames, Bless You
Hilary Brannon, Falling Apples
Christie Davis, Apples and Jam for Pam
Ashley Clanton, A Baby Cries Aaaaa
Dara Davis, Droopy Dog Says . . .
Shea Fant, HiSSterical Snakes
Joy Gettys, A Baby Is Crying . . . Aaa!
Christie Grover, Open Up and Say /o/
Michellel Harris, Crying Baby
Karissa Lang, Aaaa! A Baby's Crying
Nikki Montgomery, Go Fish
Bobby Owen, Baby Cry Sound
Mary Rouse, Can You Cry Like a Baby?
De Shealey, Chocolate Choo Choo Chicken
Brooke Simmons, Crying Baby
Debbie Troha, Slithering Snake

II. Beginning Reading
Ideas for teaching decoding with short vowels
Blair Brewer, Astonishing A!
Christie Davis, Icky Sticky Inchworm
Shea Fant, How 'Bout Them Apples?
Lori Gatling, I Say Ahh for the Doc
Joy Gettys, Icky i
Sharon Gull, Red Is My Pet!
Bobby Owen, The Doctor Sound
Mary Rouse, Icky Sticky!

Ideas for teaching decoding with long vowels and vowel digraphs
Jacque Mills, How Many Feet Will We Meet?
De Shealey, Peachy Teacup by the Stream
Amy Spurlock, Bee a Reader

Ideas for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Jennifer Ames, Whisper Please
Hillary Brannon, Shhh!
Dara Davis, Shhhh . . . She Is Sleeping
Verlissa Echols, Money, Money, Money!
Kesha Floyd, Thomas the Choo Choo Train
Michelle Harris, Shhhhh!
Karissa Lang, Shhh! Be Quiet
Nikki Montgomery, Cheese Please
Brooke Simmons, Achoo!
Debbie Troha, Don't Wake the Baby

Ideas for teaching blending
Ashley Clanton, Give a Dog a Bone
Lori Gatling, Blending Is Fun
Christie Grover, The See-Saw:  How to Blend

III. Growing Independence and Fluency
Ideas for teaching faster reading
Christie Davis, Racing to Read Fast
Joy Gettys, I Can Read Fast, Smooth, and Expressively!
Jacque Mills, Moving From I Think I Can to I Can Read!
Brooke Simmons, Rapid Reading

Ideas for teaching smoother or more expressive reading
Hilary Brannon, Express Yourself
Ashley Clanton, Now I Can Read
Verlissa Echols, Fishy Fun
Shea Fant, Express Yourself
Lori Gatling, I Can Read With Expression
Christie Grover, Watch Out for the Wasp!
Bobby Owen, The Better to Eat You, Dear!
Mary Rouse, Loud or Soft? Quick or Slow?
De Shealey, Let's Be Tacky
Amy Spurlock, Express Your Reading
Debbie Troha, Books Have Feelings Too!

Ideas for teaching silent reading
Jennifer Ames, Listen to the Pin Drop
Dara Davis, Words in my Head
Sharon Gull, Shhh!
Karissa Lang, Silent Reading Is Fun!

Ideas for teaching children to read voluntarily and avidly
Blair Brewer, Reading Easy for Independent Fluency
Kesha Floyd, Reading, Reading, and More Reading
Michelle Harris, Plot the Story
Nikki Montgomery, Book Nook

IV. Reading to Learn
Ideas for teaching summarization
Jennifer Ames, Did You Hear Me?
Hilary Brannon, The Five W's
Blair Brewer, Summarize This!
Ashley Clanton, Mapping Out the Story
Shea Fant, Predicting and Summarizing Leads to Comprehension
Christie Grover, Digging for Comprehension
Sharon Gull, A Short Story!
Karissa Lang, Outlines Are Fun and Easy
Mary Rouse, Whooz-z-z Can Summarize
Brooke Simmons, Learning What We Read
Debbie Troha, Let's Get to the Point

Ideas for teaching children about story grammar
Christie Davis, Searching for Strega Nona Facts
Lori Gatling, I Can Comprehend What I Read
Joy Gettys, Story Structures Help Comprehension
Jacque Mills, Read and Remember!
De Shealey, Musicians and Vampires

Ideas for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Dara Davis, Who, What, Where, and Why Not?
Verlissa Echols, Reading Comprehension
Michelle Harris, Question-Answer
Nikki Montgomery, Eggs

Ideas for teaching other comprehension strategies
Kesha Floyd, Read It and Remember It!
Bobby Owen,  What a Brave Little Girl
Amy Spurlock, Reading Comprehension Jobs

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