Kisha Tolbert
Emergent Literacy

The Doctor Sound

Rationale:  To learn to read and spell words, children need to know grapheme-phoneme knowledge, also referred to as alphabetic knowledge, because it is essential to reach literacy acquisition in order to reach a mature stage or state.  Learning to read and spell words in English depends on processes that are tightly interconnected.  This lesson will focus on o=/o/.  The students will learn to recognize spoken words, by finding /o/ sounds in the text.

Materials:  Primary paper, pencils, chart paper with the tongue twister, ãOllie the Octopus ate Olives in Octoberä, ãThe Ox bookä (Sing, Spell, Read, and Write; Raceway Step 12).

Procedures: 1.) Introduce the lesson, by explaining how the /o/ sound can be easily remembered.  I will tell the students that the letter sounds are all in the mouth movement and formation.  I will tell the students an easy way of remembering the short /o/ sound.
2.) Ask students:  Have you ever been to the doctor and he or she told you to open your mouth and say /o/?  Thatâs how the short /o/ sounds.  Every time you hear /o/ in a word or sentence I want you to think of the doctor sound.  Now letâs make the doctor sound, o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o·Yes, thatâs right you did it!!!!
3.) ãI have a tongue twister that I want you to read with me.  Most of the words in this tongue twister make the doctor sound; now letâs see if we can say it. ÎOllie the Octopus ate Olives in October.â  That was good!!!  Now letâs read it again and every time you get to a /o/ sound in a word letâs say it louder, like weâre making the doctor sound.  Are you all ready?  Letâs begin.  ÎO·.llie the O·.ctopus ate O·..lives in O··ctober.â  You did great!!!ä
4.)  ãLetâs take out our paper and pencil.  Weâre going to learn to write the letter that makes the doctor sound.  Okay letâs begin.  First weâre going to start at the fence and make a lower case Îcâ.   Next weâre going to close our little Îcâ up, so it looks like a circle or a ball.  Now I want you to make a line of oâs on your paper.  Great Job.ä
5.) We will read ãThe Ox bookä and after reading the story, and after reading the story we will find all of the words in the story that had the doctor sound in it.

Assessment:  I will give each student two word choices and he or she will tell me which words they hear the doctor sound in.

1. box or bag          6.  shop or shoot
2. man or mop        7.  brick or rock
3. clock or watch    8.  job or work
4. pop or hit            9.  cat or dog
5. key or lock         10. cop or cup

            and my own ideas.

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