Kisha Tolbert
Beginning Reading

Ohhhh Wheeee!!!!

Rationale:  Children must learn to break the alphabetic code before learning to read.  Before they can do that, they must learn to recognize phonemes.  This lesson is designed to help children recognize the ee=/E/ correspondence in written and spoken words.

Materials:  Elkonin letter boxes and lower case letters (a,b,d,e,f,h,l,m,n,p,r,t) for each child, chart paper with the tongue twister: ãGee, how can we see the flea on Leeâs knee?ä, the long E book, ãLee and the Teamä(Educational Insights).

Procedures:  1.) Introduce the lesson by explaining ãour written language is a secret code.  The hard part is learning the sounds that each letter make.ä  I will tell the students, ãToday we are going to focus on the Îeâ sound, now the letter ãeä can make several sounds, but we are going to focus on the Îeeâ team.  This sound kind of reminds me of the sound you hear at the end of the word Îwheeâ, like when youâre on a rollercoaster.  When ãeeä are together, it makes the sound like you hear at the end of Îwheeâ.  So every time you see Îeeâ together in a word, remember it makes the eeeee·.. sound.ä
2.) ãLetâs try a tongue twister with the Îeeâ sound.  Iâll say it once, then the second time you all say it with me, o.k.?  Letâs begin.  ÎGee how can we see the flea on Leeâs kneeâ?  Good!!!!  Now letâs say it again, but this time we will stretch out the /E/ sound.  ÎGeeeee how can weeee seee theee fleaeaea on Leeeeâs kneeee?  Great Job!!!!ä
3.) I will ask the students, ã Do you hear the /E/ sound in a.) please or pause, b.) we or will, c.) key or cart, d.) see or saw, e.) feet or foot.  I will ask the students, ÎIf you hear the /E/ sound in any of these words in this sentence, say Îyesâ if not, say Înoâ.  (Gee, how can we see the flea on Leeâs knee?) Great Job!!!!
4.) ãNow we are going to spell some words in the letter boxes that have the /E/ sound.  Letâs try the first one together.  We will only need three letter boxes to spell this word.  Letâs spell tree. The first sound is /t/ and it goes in the first letter box. The second sound is /r/ and it goes in the second letter box.  The third and final sound is /ee/ and it goes in the third letter box.  Now letâs spell a few more words with the /E/ sound (meet, lead, heat, leaf, leaps, beams, needs).  Great Job!!! You all did well!!!
5.) I will give each student a copy of the book, ãLee and the Teamä (Educational Insights)  to read.  I will ask the students,  ãDo you think Lee and his team will make it to the game in time?ä

Assessment:  I will have a checklist as I walk around and watch and listen at each student read.

References: (Stacey Stanfield- Sweet Feet).

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