Tamra Swindall

Beginning Reading
                                                                                Shake Out the SH!


For children to develop their reading ability they must be able to recognize and pronounce digraphs.  One digraph that will help children develop this ability is the sh=/sh/.


Shoe Man By, Steck Vaugn and Kunka, Alice, chart with pictures of /sh/ words and non /sh/ words, and a worksheet


1. Introduce the lesson by asking the children what sound would you make when telling someone to be quiet.  After they have told me the sound /sh/ I will then ask then what do you think the two letters are that make that sound.
2. The /sh/ sound is made of two letters the s and the h.  Let's practice the /sh/ sound all together.  Now I would like you to tell me what words you hear the /sh/ sound in:  Fish or Kiss; List or Dish; ect.
3. Now let's try a tongue twister with the sound /sh/:"Shy Shelly shouted loudly shaking Sharon."  Now let's all say it together; again.  Now let's try stretching out the /sh/ sound at the beginning of each word.  "Shshy Shshelly shshouted loudly Shshsaking Shsharon."  Great job!
4. Now I want you to look at these pictures on the board and tell me which ones have the sound /sh/ in them?  Now I want you to tell me if you hear the /sh/ sound in the front of the word or the end of the word.
5.  Now I am going to give you a book that is called Shoe Man and I want you to get wih a friend.  You and your friend need to look throught the book to
 find /sh/ words.  Ask the children to then read you some of the words they have found in the text.  Then have them read the text with a buddy while you walk around and help them with difficult words.
6.  Ask children to stand up behind their desk and tell them that whenever they hear a word with the sound /sh/ to shake their bodies.  Have a list of words with the sound /sh/ and other sounds so the children will alternate shaking their bodies.
7.  Next give the children a worksheet and have them put the /sh/ in the correct blank so that it will make a word.



Kunka, Alice.  Shoe Man.  Steck-Vaughn, Austin, 1991 (Phonics Reading)

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