Growing Independence and Fluency
Jess Putnam

Rational:  Reading fluency is the ability to recognize words accurately, rapidly and automatically.  After having the ability to do these three things the next is to be able to read with expression.  Expression allows reading to be much more enjoyable.  In this lesson I will model how to read with expression and the children will then learn to read with expression through practicing with a partner.

ð ãExpress Yourselfä evaluation sheets (1 per student)

ãExpress Yourselfä
My partners voiced changed while reading. YES·····..NO
My partner acted like he/she was enjoying reading. YES·····..NO
The way my partner read the book made me enjoy it. YES·····..NO
My partner used expression throughout the book. YES·····..NO

ð The Big Wide ö Mouthed Frog by Ana Martin Larranaga ö Scholastic Books 1999. (1 per student)
ð Cards with different expressions on them (happy, sad, mad, loud, quiet)

1. ãToday boys and girls we are going to practice reading with expression but first we will review the cover-up strategy that we learned last week." Model for the students how this strategy works for review.
2. I will tell the students how important it is to read with expression.  ãBoys and girls we should never read something with the same tone all the way through, this can be both boring to yourself and to your audience.ä  ãWhen a character is sad, read like you are sad, and when a character is happy, you change your tone of voice so that you are happy.ä  Explain to the students that when you read with expression it makes the book more enjoyable.
3. ãNow I am going to read a few pages of the book The Big Wide ö Mouthed Frog.ä  ãWatch my facial expressions and listen to my voice while I am reading (I will read with the same expression and tone throughout the entire time I am reading).ä  Boys and girls did you enjoy that reading or was it boring?ä  Now listen while I read it again but this time with expression (I will read the book using facial expression and match my tone of voice to the characters in the book).ä  ãBoys and girls wasnât that much more enjoyable?ä
4. Now I will group the students by twoâs.  Next, I will pass out the book The Big Wide ö Mouthed Frog along with the evaluation sheets.  ãNow I want you to practice reading this book with your partner using lots of expression.ä  I will explain to them that they are to score their partner using the evaluation sheet.  While the students are reading I will walk around and observe their reading.
5. Assessment:  I will next have the children come to the reading circle to practice reading aloud to a group using expression.  Each child will draw a card with an expression on it.  They will then read one page of their choice from the book The Big Wide ö Mouthed Frog using the expression that is on the card that they drew.  The same checklist used earlier will be used by the teacher to make sure each student understand the importance of expression and how to do so when reading.


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