Short BUT Important

Marie Nicol
Reading to learn

Rationale:  Summarizing is a very important skill for students to master.  It is a strategy that helps them understand and remember text that they have read.  It helps to ensure comprehension.  Making maps is just one way to summarize a passage.  In this lesson the students will learn to summarize by making maps of what they have read.

Materials: paper, pencil, Ranger Rick with the article “Penguins at the Beach” for each child, Time for Kids with the article “Who killed King Tut?” for each child.

1. “The first thing we are going to do today is to practice silent reading.  I would like everyone to find the article “Penguins at the Beach” in their Ranger Rick.  I would like everyone to read this article silently to themselves.  When you are done you may put your article down and put your eyes on me so that I will know you are done reading”\
2. Next I will explain to them what summarizing is and why it is important.  “Summarizing is when you take out the main ideas of a passage and the important details and leave the extra stuff behind.  Has anyone ever summarized before?”  Then I will explain that summarizing is important because it helps us understand and remember what we read.  “One way to summarize is to make a map of what you read, and that is what we are going to do today”
3. First I want everyone to write the title of our article in the center of the page and draw a square around it. (model on the board)
4. “Next I would like someone to give me one main idea from the article.  Write the main idea on your paper and circle it, then draw a line to connect it to the title.  If there are any important details to support this main idea then write them, draw a circle around them and then connect them to the main idea with a line.” Finish the map of the article as a whole class, modeling on the board the whole time.

Assessment:  For assessment have the students work in partners to make a map of the article “Who killed King Tut” from their Time for Kids magazine.  Make sure the students understand summary mapping by grading their maps.

1. “It’s Safer to Summarize”, by Ashley Nungesser
2. Evans, Nancy.  “Penguins at the Beach”  Ranger Rick.  January 2002.  National Wildlife Federation. p. 18-20
3. “Who Killed King Tut” Time for Kids.  November 2002.

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