SHHHHH!  It’s Reading Time
                              Beginning to Read

Rational:  This lesson will be taught to help increase a student’s reading fluency.  “Fluency means reading faster, smoother, more expressively, silently and voluntarily” (Hill).  This lesson will focus on silent reading.  The student will learn how to read without making a vocal sound, while continually focusing on comprehension.  This is important for the student to accomplish because many students may have difficulty comprehending text that they cannot vocalize.  This is also important because is aides in the “goal of fluency: reading should be as fast and automatic as speech” (Hill).

1. Poems:  “The New Kid” by Mike Makley
  “Foul Shot” by Edwin A. Hoey
2. Handouts:  practice activity (group activity)
      individual assessment
3. Chalkboard

1. Teacher will first review the concept of whisper reading by writing the first sentence from the “The New Kid,” (Our baseball team never did very much,) on the chalkboard.  The teacher will model how to whisper read.  “Class, remember when we whisper read we need to read the words very quietly so that only a few people can hear you.  I want us all to whisper this sentence together.”
2. Teacher will introduce the concept of silent reading and model it for the class.  “When you silent read that means you read the words inside your head so that no one can hear you reading.  Let’s practice this by moving our mouths as we say the sentence without letting any words come out.  Now let’s practice reading the sentence to ourselves without moving our mouths, we are just going to read it in our head.”
3. Students will silently read the first stanza of the poem “The New Kid,” and will come together with the teacher to discuss what was going on in the stanza.  Teacher will remind students that comprehension is very important when reading and that when they read silently they need to pay attention to what is going on in the story.  **repeat with second stanza**

Activity:  Students will be placed in groups to finish reading the poem and to complete the first handout about the poem “The New Kid”.  All groups will come back together with the teacher to discuss the poem and the worksheet.

Assessment: Students will be given the poem “Foul Shot” to read.  A handout will be completed for homework.

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