" T is Totally Terrific!"
Emergent Literacy Lesson Plan
By Kellie Hill

Rationale     It is important for children to learn the letters of the alphabet and how they look and sound so that they will be able to go on reading the letters they have learned.  The goal of this lesson is to teach the children one of the letters of the alphabet.  The letter I chose to teach is T. The children will learn how to write the letter T and the phoneme /t/. I believe that it is important for the children to accomplish this goal so that they will be able to read words that have the letter T in them. I hope that by the end of this lesson they will be able to recognize the letter T and how itís phoneme.

Materials     Timid Timothy's tongue twisters by Dick Gackenbach, Bear & Tutter's BIG & LITTLE ABC's by Patricia Boczkowski, pencil and paper for each child, a chalkboard with lines, and letter worksheet.

1.     Begin by doing a review of the letter A-S. Today boys and girls we are going to learn the letter T, but first we
        are going to review the letters we have already learned. Let's start by singing the ABC's song. While we sing
        you can point to the letters. Now letís pull out our paper and pencil and prepare to learn the letter T.
2.     After reviewing the previous letters begin to teach the new letter T. Okay children now we are going to learn about
        the letter T. This is the letter T. It makes the sound /t/. Now you say /t/.  Now turn our book Bear & Tutter's
        BIG & LITTLE ABC's  to the letter T page. Here is the letter T and this is a table. Now you say table. Now
        pull out your paper and we are going to learn how to write the letter T. First take your pencil to the sky and
        draw a line from the sky all the way down to the grass. Now give your T at top like this. Now let's draw the
        lower case letter t. Take your pencil to the sky and draw another line from the sky to the grass. Now go to the
        trees and connect the two. Now I want you to practice writing these letters on your paper. Write these letters
        four times each. Now that you are finished let's use our book Timid Timothy's tongue twisters to practice
        saying the letter T. Say with me Timid Timothy's tongue twisters. Now let's stretch out the letter T. TTTTimid
        TTTTimothy's ttttongue ttttwisters. Now I have a worksheet for you to help you practice your letter T. When
        you finish this worksheet please bring it up to my desk. This worksheet is for assessment.
3.     Now review the letter by asking them again what the sound T makes /t/. Just like in table. Now for the end of this
        lesson sing the alphabet song again.

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